Martini-Henry Parts, Winchester Parts, Snider Rifle Parts, Brown Bess Parts, Colt Parts, Enfield Rifle Parts, Springfield Trapdoor Parts and many more for Sale. Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, SC0741 Tang Screw (Repro.) For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, GP0641 Tumbler (Repro.) Enfield Snider - Martini Henry Cavalry Carbine Sight Cover. Be first to know about the new products and get exclusive offers. In Stock. I rather it be a bit longer then alot shorter. & Amoskeag, & Joslyn, EP0863 Front Sight (Repro.) WARCRAFT EXPORTS British WWI & WWII Lee Enfield SMLE Leather Rifle Sling 5.0 out of 5 stars 8. Out of Stock. If for any reason something is out of stock we generally receive shipments of parts from the manufacturers several times a year.If you do not find the parts you are looking for on this site, please call us at (800) 883-0300, and one of our knowledgeable staff will be able to assist you.Made from authentic materials like steel, brass and hardwood, each piece will aid your next project. Snider-Enfield. The American Jacob Snider invented this firearm action, and the Snider–Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties. This replica functional tool is used for assembling Civil War era muskets. 2-Band Enfield Rifle . This unprimed brass case uses a large rifle primer. Sling is 1/16" wide and adjusts from 24" to 29"; made from top-grain leather with white finish on the face side and natural on the back and and sides. *By signing up you agree to receive emails with Atlanta Cutlery Corp., special offers, promotions and messages tailored to your interests. sign* up to our newsletter to get 10% Off on your next purchase. by GrantR Canada » 2:14 AM - 3 days ago. They really finish off the old SMLE. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Carefully selected antique and vintage weapons for sale. & Y. and Amoskeag), Remington 1858 New Model, .36 Navy and .44 Army, Colt Walker, 1st Model Dragoon & Whitneyville Hartford, Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers, M1859,1863 & 1874 Sharps Rifles and Carbines, Bags, Boxes, Lock Covers & Powder Storage, RP0200 Enfield .577 Civil War Rifle Ramrod, OP0640 Lockplate (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. For Sale By MFL Classic Firearms Enfield Muzzle Loading Rifle Reproduction of a 3 band Enfield ... £ 350. A nice White authentic British regular rifle sling of Rev War style! Rifle - Tower, TP0662 Sear Spring (Repro.) Dixie Gun Works Rear Top wood comes with Rear Sight Protector & screws, and barrel clip and Brass fixing rivets *** Points to note. Antique Snider Rifle Parts for Sale at International Military Antiques. Reproduction leather sight cover for the Enfield Snider and Martini Henry Cavalry Carbines. Product Description. '53 & Snider Notes, Exploded Parts Drawings, Armourers Instructions, Accessories & Fittings by Ian Skennerton 2005, good condition Quickview. The British Indian Army used the Snider–Enfield until the end of the nineteenth century. Shooting tests proved the Snider Rifle system to be the fastest and most reliable. Sighting in at 50 yards, then shooting steel targets at 100 yards. The British .577 Snider–Enfield was a breech-loading rifle. This is an excellent replica of the original, it attaches to the two screws each side of the stock below the rear sight (I also make the screws - please see separate listing) Replica of belt holster used when carrying Brown Bess and similar Muskets. its a very nice piece, its was a bit longer then what the space it was there before. We will try to assist you in finding appropriate substitute parts whenever possible.We try to keep an ample stock of parts, but we do run out of parts occasionally. Products [7] Sort by: Snider-Enfield MkII Complete Receiver ... Snider-Enfield Nipple. The British Army adopted it in 1866 as a conversion system for its ubiquitous Pattern 1853 Enfield muzzle-loading rifles, and used it until 1874 when the Martini–Henry rifle began to supersede it. Replica gun parts, gun accessories and even replica gun kits are a great way to enjoy collecting and the accomplishment of finishing a unique gun is a conversation piece that can give you bragging rights over your friends!Atlanta Cutlery (ACC) supplies spare parts and stocks for Lee Enfield, Snider and Martini-Henry and accessories in the United States. Product Description 577 Caliber; very good+ bore, very good+ stock, 36 1/2'' barrel, The metal finish is in the white with very light spots of mild corrosion. But can be used from the 1770's-1860's era also on other militia rifles as well! These flints date from the Napoleonic Wars (1798-1815). Will fit all marks, Mk1, Mk1* & Mk1*** Rarely offered world wide but now available. Just FWIW, the Snider breech was invented by an American, Jacob Snider, but was used mostly by the British, though it was copied in some places in the Empire. The British Enfield musket saw extensive service during the Civil War. Enfield .577 Tower,1855 -1863, 1866 Springfield Rifle, & 1861 Special - Colt, & 1868 - 1870 Springfi, MP0661 Rear Sight Leaf Pin (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. Served . $21.95. For Enfield - Original & Repro. The conversion they used was an American design, by Jacob Snider. M1853/66 Snider-Enfield Mark I & Mark II (Converted) and M1866 Snider-Enfield Mark III (Newly built Patterns). For Enfield - Original & Repro. HP0655 Snider Enfield Original Hammer - Recessed Nose. COVID-19 Update: We are open for business and are taking orders and shipping as normal. The P-53 Enfield muzzleloader's time was a dismal seven minutes, 20 seconds. , Dixie Gun Works, Sorry, there are no products that match your criteria. Rifle, CP0763 Sear (Repro.) Reproduction Trade Cards.Accessories for inclusion into cased sets are made on the premises.Miniature weapons a speciality. This version is a well balanced piece with an oil finished stock of American walnut as per the original. We may experience some shipping delays due to carrier issues and disruption of our supply chains. Rifle, DP0761 Bridle (Repro.) The stock was copied from an original Tower stock, and is cut close enough to restore original rifles and to fit most Parker Hale and other Italian reproduction parts. Site by One Dog Media, Copyright & Disclaimer © 1996- For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, MA0752 Ball Puller (Repro.) SMALL ARMS IDENTIFICATION SERIES No. 1858 Enfield 2-Band Rifle, Armi Sport. Christmas Sale 2020 - Get 20% OFF Everything till December 25th. Rifle - Tower & 1861 Special - Colt, L.G.&Y. We sell factory production spare parts and accessories for antique reproduction firearms.The parts we sell are for guns from the 1800’s to 1900’s. For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, HP0655 Snider Enfield Original Hammer - Recessed Nose, HP0704 Snider Enfield Original Hammer - Flat Nose. Lee Enfield SMLE Mk1. 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue 20 photos.577 Obsolete Calibre Three Band Snider Enfield Service Rifle Muzzleloader .577 Rifles. Shop Now! MFL Classic Firearms. Quickview. The .577 Snider cartridge existed long before SAAMI standards, so bore diameter and chamber dimensions of antique guns may vary. Peter Dyson & Son Ltd. is a family firm, founded in 1964 to channel Peter Dyson's engineering skills into his lifelong antiquarian and black powder shooting interests. Stamped H.G.R 1916 and complete with leather tie. For use with all period flintlock muskets, these British flints were made (knapped) to regulation pattern at Brandon in the county of Suffolk in England at the close of the 18th Century. If the gun is older, you may have been produced by a manufacturer who is not in business any longer. The firearm action was invented by the American Jacob Snider, and the Snider-Enfield was one of the most widely used of the Snider varieties. One of the hardest things about completing your historical firearm is not the work, it’s finding the rights parts. P1853 Enfield 3 Band Snider Conversion Cleaning Rod (Reproduction for Original) $48.00. The breechloader was definitely here to stay. New in stock! For Enfield - Original & Repro. Please try another search, Tomahawks & Tomahawk Parts and Accessories, M1826 and M1836 Water's and Johnson Pistol, M1861 Special Musket (Colt,L.G. For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, SC0742 Sidelock Screw (Repro.) Rifle, HP0750 Hammer (Repro.) Our Price: $4.95 Compare. Special offers and product promotions. Order now while still available. undersize. Find reproduction accessories for British Empire guns like this trigger guard for enfield and snider rifles at Atlanta Cutlery. Stock Set, Reproduction. For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, GP0642 Stirrup (Repro.) Rifle - Tower, SP0850 Triggerguard Wood Screw (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. Enfield/Tower Rifle; British Snider Enfield Rifles; Whitneyville Plymouth M1861 Rifle; M1863 Zouave Rifle; M1855-M1863 US Springfield Muskets; M1861 Special Musket (Colt,L.G. BRITISH Antique ENFIELD-SNIDER Cavalry Carbine Description: BRITISH Antique ENFIELD-SNIDER Cavalry Carbine Unit Marked British Imperial MK III Dated “1892” Here we present an antique British Enfield Snider MK III Breech Loading Cavalry Carbine, made in 1870. See, Replica Martini Henry Parts & Accessories, Antique & Replica Gun Parts & Accessories, Survival Gear & Outdoor Camping Accessories, 20th Century War Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, American Civil War Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, American Frontier Weapons, Clothing & Accessories, British Empire Knives, Gun-Parts & Accessories, Conan the Barbarian Original Movie Classic, Last Chance Gun Accessories & Dummy Weapons, Reproduction Main Spring for P-1853 Enfield& P-1864 Snider, Reproduction Trigger Guard for P-1853 Enfield & P-1864 Snider. Atlanta Cutlery (ACC) supplies spare parts and stocks for Lee Enfield, Snider and Martini-Henry and accessories in the United States. Rifle - Tower, SP0652 Nose Cap Screw (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. The Mark I o… Rifle - Tower, SP0654 Trigger Screw (Original) For Original Enfield .577 Perc. $21.59. New or experienced with restoration and DIY you’ll find some much needed help here. GENERALLY: The British .577 Snider was the most widely used of the Snider varieties, (the action invented by the American Jacob Snider) being adopted by Britain as an alteration/conversion system for its ubiquitous P/53 rifle-musket muzzle loading arms. Our Price: $25.00 Compare. Top Band. $15.00. May require some fitting. British Snider 1860 .577 by Enfield 2 band sargeants: British Snider - 1860 2 band - obsolete calibre: Heres a rare British 2 band (slightly shorter, often referred to as the Sargeants Carbine) with great woodwork and some pitting to the metalwork as can be seen, a really nice British example with no Nepalise markings. good product ,roughly finished but will clean up nicely .i would recommend it , and i will most likely buy more . Quickview. Fits up to 53" waists. Carefully selected antique and vintage weapons for sale. Pins, locks, gun stocks expertly recreated from originals make it easy. $35.00. Will work with many muskets of the same era. Most Italian reproduction parts will fit real well in this stock. Made up of top grade black finished leather. ... Reproduction P1853 and Snider Enfield Leather Slings (SCM-0901) Price $45 each plus postage Add To Cart. Add To Cart. © 1971-2020 Atlanta Cutlery™ - All rights reserved. This reproduction main spring is for the P-1853 Enfield and P-1864 Snider rifles. You can unsubscribe at any time. Epic Militaria Reproduction WW2 British Lee Enfield Khaki Rifle Sling 4.6 out of 5 stars 29. These are the first rounds this rifle has fired in over 100 years. The Snider-Enfield in Canadian Service - Excerpts from the 1867 Report on the State of the Canadian Militia. Item #HAS-12 Red Coat and Brown Bess Musket w/ Complete Roster of Reg. Rifle, XP0765 Triggerguard Swivel-Rear (Repro.) Rifle - Tower, EP0760 Rear Sight (Repro.) The first in a series on the first general issue military breechloading longarm in British and Empire service. Reproduction WWI Enfield Rifle Slings These authentic reproduction slings are of the early WWI pattern for the LE I and WWI No1 MkIII. The Snider-Enfield used the new Snider action, designed by Jacob Snider, which used a side-hinged breechblock action (the breech (the part of the firearm where the cartridge is loaded) is a seperate chamber mounted on a single side hinge). document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) All brass hardware. This high quality reproduction fits muskets and carbines. Our new brass .577 Snider cartridge is designed for use in Snider Enfield Mark I, II, and III muskets. Review of: Reproduction Trigger Guard for P-1853 Enfield & P-1864 Snider, Review of: Reproduction Main Spring for P-1853 Enfield& P-1864 Snider. Determine the manufacturer of your gun (not just the importer) before when doing any restoration. MT0505 Enfield … Next. Complete your original flintlock muskets with these original knapped flints. This musket features a case colored percussion … We may experience some shipping delays due to carrier issues and disruption of our supply chains. 577 Calibre 2 Band Rifle With Nipple ... £ 1,250. 2-Band Enfield Stock for Barnett Modification Union City, TN 38261, Outside of the U.S.:   1-731-885-0700 20 Parts Identifications Lists, Patt. For Reproduction Enfield Rifles, SC0743 Hammer Screw (Repro.)

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