The Great Himalaya Trail stretches across the length of Nepal’s Himalaya mountain range. Click here to see my Gear List for the Great Himalaya Trail. Your safety is our number one concern. You’re also responsible for paying for their transportation to and from the trail. After completing our hike, we had to wait in Jumla for five days before we could fly out. It’s easy to fall in love with Nepal. It’s also so easy to get frustrated with the Nepali way of doing things. The culmination of Jon's dedication to adventure was his unsupported traverse of Australia in 2001, where he completed the first unsupported walk to the geographic centre of Australia. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments for me. Local chef making some yummy momo's | Sally Imber. As part of our commitment to sustainable tourism we take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints behind in these fragile mountain environments. That sums up most of the information you need to start planning your Great Himalaya Trail thru-hike. Going the distance – Trekking the full Great Himalaya Trails March 28, 2017. Griesel and Sandes followed the 10 checkpoints set by Porter in the previous record. If you love our current itineraries but want to customise it privately as a couple, a group of friends, family, club, business or school, you have the freedom to add or remove as many elements as you like to suit the interests of your group. I wouldn’t hike the Great Himalaya Trail solo. Everest. The year I thru-hiked, monsoons came two months early. This trek is unsurpassed in terms of awe inspiring views of the most famous mountain region in the world. The constant and dramatic changes in elevation is draining, especially on a low-calorie diet. Choosing the correct path is often a guessing game. Occasionally winter storms can bring snow as low as 2500m. This is a period that generally has clear weather at the higher altitudes and is traditionally a time when mountaineering expeditions commence their ascents. The Great Himalaya Trail, one of the best treks in the world, heads out on Monday 24 February 2020 for its 10-year anniversary. Late spring conditions ie April and May, are generally hot at low elevations and as the clouds build up to the next monsoon, daily afternoon rainstorms are common. Porters receive income protection and life insurance and have access to the same first aid care that travellers receive including emergency helicopter evacuation if required. Every mountaineer needs to understand how to read mountain weather, taking elements such as wind, precipitation, snow and forecasted temperatures into consideration. It is possible to obtain your Nepal visa on arrival at Kathmandu Airport, however this is not ideal as it can cause long delays to your group. Sometimes you’ll have to go between the two because of weather, dangerous passes, or not wanting to hire guides. The urge to stay in the city, have hot showers, use WiFi, and eat at nice restaurants was too much. To get to Eastern Nepal, we took a 25-hour bus ride from Kathmandu to Taplejung. Plus, the more food you carry the longer you can stay out between going back to the city to resupply. The Great Himalaya Trail was therefore conceived as a way of joining all the lesser-known routes together to increase awareness of these trails and bring tourism to the more remote parts of Nepal. Please note that if you are applying in Australia you must fill out the visa form provided and paste or staple your photographs in the top right hand corner. Rugged, wild and remote; Dolpo is without doubt one of the great destinations of the Himalaya. He has climbed Everest [twice], Ama Dablam and Gasherbrum 4, among many others. Landry then skipped competing in half or full marathons and went straight … They move from the East to the West, and I suggest you do too. They are created especially for you, giving you complete freedom to choose what you want to see, where you want to go and when you want to do it. Oatmeal. Great Panorama Treks and Expedition team is a planning Great Himalayan trail in near future, for those looking for the cutting edge of adventure travel.First Trekked a team led by Robin Boustead from February to August 2008/9 and completed in 157 days; the program was launched with a view that can help to promote entire corners of Himalayan in Nepal while assisting local communities. Every morning we made breakfast shakes in a water bottle.
. Three of them are between Makalu Base Camp and the Everest region. Become one of the very few trekkers to enter the Everest region via the Amphua Labtsa Pass, one of the most challenging passes in the Himalaya. As I mentioned before, it’s basically rice, dal soup, curried vegetables, and some spicy pickled vegetables for flavor. My ebook answers all the questions I had before my first trip to Nepal. Except we hired a guide for Manaslu. It passes from subtropical jungles to high altitude alpine ecosystems, through villages of Buddhists, Hindus, Sherpas, Tibetan refugees, Lhomis, and Shamans, among many others. The monsoons come in the summer. If you’re planning on taking domestic flights or trekking in all the guide mandatory regions, you will likely spend more than me. The combination of the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuits make this section of the Great Himalaya Trail a must do for first time trekkers to Nepal and Himalayan enthusiasts alike. It seems like a lot of people get attached to the idea of hiking the entire high route. These cookies allow the provision of enhance functionality and personalization, such as videos and live chats. Generally, the national park permits are $32 and the conservation area permits are $20. There were so many amazing things about it and I’m so happy that I can look back and be proud of having hiked it. There will be menus with lots of options. There is an increasing number of both trekkers and agents that are trying to squeeze trekking itineraries into an ever decreasing number of days. Tasmanian Expeditions is the most experienced operator of treks and adventure travel holidays in Tasmania. Sometimes the bus breaks down on the side of the road and has to be fixed before continuing. Daytime temperatures increase quickly in March with temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius and mild nights. There are also ATM’s available for use in Kathmandu. It was unimaginably hard. It’s not anything too appealing to eat, but at least it’s an option if you’re running low on food. The afternoons were full of torrential downpours and eager leeches. Porters are provided with a wind and waterproof jacket and over-trousers, woolen socks and gloves, leather or canvas shoes, sunglasses and a warm cap, and carry a maximum of 30kgs. wonderful articles about Nepal. For more information on permits, follow this link to Great Himalaya Trails. At higher altitudes it is similar to the conditions of the post-monsoon period, however there is usually more snow, which has accumulated over the winter period. This is not the place for coffee lovers. The great Himalayan trail in Nepal includes from east Nepal Mt. This was a pretty cool trek as far as spotting animals and wildlife went. One lady had a team of seven Nepalis helping her. Keep jewellery and valuables to a minimum. Our guides in the field are the real key to our success on the GHT. We cross the highest passes in the Himalaya including the Sherpani Col, West Col and Amphu Labtsa, all above 5500 metres, enroute to the Everest region before crossing the Cho La to Gokyo Lakes. We also both lost 20-25 pounds/ 9-11 kilos of weight from strenuous hiking without access to high calorie food. Ask for the next village you’re passing through. This is the cheapest and most uncomfortable option. When we started on the low route in March it was already hot and humid. We'll take care of that, On the Couch with Himalayan Trust UK Chairman Graham Wrigley, Heather Hawkins: Why Nepal Captured My Heart and Soul, Traveller Stories: Florian’s Experience of A Lifetime on the Great Himalaya Trail, Great Himalaya Trail: World's Most Epic Trek in Numbers, World Expeditions hold an Air Travel Organisers Licence (ATOL) no. The campsites minimise our environmental footprint by using yak or cow dung to fuel heaters, kerosene to cook meals and boil water, rainwater tanks, composting and septic toilets and incinerators to burn paper and non-toxic plastic waste.  |. More gear and clothing than usual is required. Daytime temperatures can reach 25 - 30 degrees Celsius at lower altitudes and decrease as you gain height. 'Mr Din' has been the driving force behind the operation and management of our Nepal trekking program for the past two decades. Carving a path of more than 4500 km through the mighty Himalaya from Bhutan to Pakistan, the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) is the longest and highest alpine walking track on Earth. World Expeditions. I’ve hiked about 5000 miles worth of trails in my lifetime, and this hike was by far the most challenging. Dolpa permit, $10/ week. If you’re planning on spending less time in the city than we did, you could probably get by on $800/ month. The Nepal section of the Great Himalaya Trail was officially opened in 2011 and covers a staggering 1,700 kilometers – separated into ten sections. If you’re not trekking in a region, then you won’t need the permit. If you come to the country without any food for resupplies, you’re not going to find things you would typically eat while hiking at home. When we arrived in mid-April, the Kanchenjunga region was still snowed in so we couldn’t have done it even if we wanted to hire a guide to take us there. He is a family doctor and spends much of his spare time travelling as an expedition doctor. Forget about hiking off-trail either. You can order the paper maps on Amazon or buy them for cheaper at a bookstore in Kathmandu. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. Like I said before, you simply cannot consume enough calories from local food to be able to push for 12-hour hiking days in a healthy way. Instead we relied on what was available in Nepal. We even had a goat tied to our seat for the duration of the journey. As I mentioned before, I spent a lot of time in the city relaxing and spending money on whatever I wanted. Insurance information is enclosed with your pre-departure information. However, I do find solace that I can continue my thru-hiking career knowing that the most difficult hike is behind me. Porter – another outstanding South African trailrunner who holds the solo record for the 220km Drakensberg Grand Traverse — did the Great Himalayan Trail on his own. I’m not complaining about the buses; I actually have quite the affinity for local transportation in Nepal. Mountain House doesn’t offer it, but we got it from a prepper store. There are also factors to consider when trekking solo as a woman in Nepal. One day we followed snow leopard tracks along the trail for 5 miles. Simply say the name of the next village and point. This list is good for both the high route and low route for spring and summer. The Great Himalaya trail spans the entire length of the Nepalese Himalaya, covering 1700km from Kanchenchunga in the East all the way to Humla and just beyond in the West. At least, it is the longest and highest trekking route in the world. One police officer tried to give us trouble because our permit was the wrong color for independent trekkers. If you ask for directions to a village that’s far away, they might not know. Buses in Nepal are not very efficient. The 'Great Himalayan Trail' (Nepal) Virtual race covers the width of the Nepalese Himalaya taking in 763 miles of the highest trail in the World. Green permits are for independent trekkers. We strongly recommend that all clients take out travel insurance at the time of booking to cover against sickness, accident, loss of baggage, unexpected alterations to travel arrangements and travel disruption, emergency evacuation, cancellations, etc. The worst was the trekkers who hired a guide to take them over the technical passes after Makalu Base Camp. Your approach and the reasons that you presented completely chnaged my ideas. If you try to leave a region after your permit is expired, the police are going to want more money. We basically mixed together a bunch of stuff and sipped it while we hiked. It’s always interesting and entertaining. Most people in mountain villages will not speak English. Even if I don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m still going to give you all of the information you need to get started. Good to hear that from a fellow GHT thru-hiker. There are few places on earth as spectacular to watch the sunset as at Gokyo Lakes. You should carry two current passport photographs with you, to obtain the visa. His tireless commitment to trip quality and focus on responsible tourism practices has ensured that World Expeditions remains at the forefront of the Himalayan trekking scene. Mrs Uma has been with us nearly 20 years and is the driving force behind our Kathmandu office. You will find visa application forms and detailed instructions in your pre departure information kit and the up to date prices for visas obtained in your home country. These costs are per person. Great Canadian Trails specialises in active holidays in Canada. Spanning several hundred kilometres of amazing Himalayan terrain, this trail stretches over the full length of Nepal. The Great Himalaya Trail follows a network of already established treks and trails which when combined together have formed one of the highest walking routes in the world. Designed as a way to bring young and likeminded travellers together, Yomads caters to those interested in lightly structured and active trips that allow freedom to roam and explore. Click on the different category headings to find out more and change our default settings. Great Himalayan Trail is newly built chain trail, which together form a longest and highest alpine hiking track in the world. We are privileged to have such an effective administrator and negotiator on the team, not to mention Uma's delightful manner when liaising with travellers. The Great Himalayan Trail is a combination of different spectacular section of mountain ranges of Nepal starting with Kanchenjunga on east and Hilsa on Far West Section of Nepal. This is by far the easiest way to get to and from the trail. Trek, Great Himalayan Trail in Nepal, The worlds longest trekking route (About 4500 kilometers – 149 days) along the highest Himalayas passes, pristine cultures, green hidden valleys, ethical people and astonishing mountains views include Mt. In 2017, myself and my hiking partner went to Nepal to do a self-supported hike of the Great Himalaya Trail. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. For reference, here are my blog posts I wrote about each section of the trail: I didn’t hike any of the technical passes, so I don’t have any first hand knowledge to offer you. Buy at the Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Then other months I was above, like when I had to replace gear or hire a guide for Manaslu. World Expeditions. There were a lot of situations where we had to put our heads together to come up with the best solution, often when we were lost and trying to decide the best course of action. And we had the same driver the entire time too. However, $160 for a one-way ticket is a typical price. I averaged about $1000/ month during my thru-hike. If there is coffee available it’s almost always instant. At times you can even get pizza and pies. This does vary depending on the specific route you’re taking. Trekking in the Everest Region with World Expeditions. But would I do it again? It goes through remote villages and across dangerous mountain passes. A #10 can of freeze-dried cheddar cheese. And it’s going to be logistically difficult to plan resupplies. Most places are friendly, but in very rural regions you will be a spectacle of the village. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the permits, you can hire a trekking agency to organize them for you. In Nepali the local currency is the Nepalese Rupee (NPR). I could go on about the struggles of taking buses, getting permits, communicating with locals, getting sick; but I wouldn’t be doing justice to how hard it actually is. This included everything I paid for once in Nepal and excluded my international flights and resupply food purchased at home. If it sounds like I’m discouraging you from hiking the Great Himalaya Trail, I kind of am. | Ayla Rowe. This simple yet effective initative harnesses the collective power of tourists to keep wilderness trails clean and to educate local communities about the negative impact of litter on their environment and tourism economy. you must enter and depart Nepal within six months of the date of issue of the visa. Want to fundraise for your favourite charity on a Charity Challenge adventure? In more remote regions (like Kanchenjunga) expect them to charge more. Australian Walking Holidays specialises in small group guided walking adventures. One porter even had to be helicoptered out due to frost bite. World Expeditions is recognised as an industry leader, offering fully supported and professionally guided expeditions across Nepal. 123 different primary languages were reported in Nepal’s 2011 national census—including Nepali (official) 44.6%, Maithali 11.7%, Bhojpuri 6%, Tharu 5.8%, Tamang 5.1%, Newar 3.2%, Magar 3%, Bajjika 3%, Urdu 2.6%, Avadhi 1.9%, Limbu 1.3%, Gurung 1.2%, other 10.4%, unspecified 0.2%, Nepali is Nepal’s official language and also its lingua franca, understood by most in Nepal, and spoken by many living in Bhutan, India and further abroad.  |, Trekking through snow on the way towards Ghunsa The Great Himalaya Trail has 2 options in the far west - 1) From Gamgadhi to Simikot and the Yari Valley 2) Cross country from Rara Lake to Kolti and Chainpur and on to the Mahakali Nadi (river) in India. You will often find rural shops in villages along the Great Himalaya Trail. World Youth Adventures is our specialist division dedicated to organising tailor made overseas school group adventures. Simply email, phone or visit us to start planning your dream adventure. Remember Appalachian Trail Girl? In October 2009 he conquered Shishapangma, Tibet, becoming the first Australian to climb all 14 of the world's 8000m peaks - a feat only achieved by a select few worldwide. Previous treks and expeditions have focused on the Himalayas, with others in the Scandinavian Arctic and mountainous areas of Africa. Views of snow-capped mountains regularly dominate the horizon. Late spring conditions, in May, are generally hot at low elevations and as the clouds build up to the next monsoon, which generally begins in June, daily afternoon rainstorms are common. “Great Himalayan Trail” is a new title replacing the old and original one “The Great Himalaya Trail.” The original trail was a route across the country from east to west, and the new trail adds a collection of various trail in the upper and middle district of Nepal to the original route. We own and operate the most comprehensive range of adventure holidays available across Tasmania's varied landscapes. keep doing good works. Bir is one of our most versatile leaders, escorting our trekking groups along challenging sections of the Great Himalaya Trail, our family treks in the Annapurna region, private special interest groups to Everest Base Camp and our Mera and Island Peak Expeditions. I have to say a BIG WELL DONE … you obviously hit the winning formua first time out and I shall be taking your advice on 99% of my attempt. If you want to do the technical passes, you need guides and mountaineering equipment. Once you’ve hiked further west on the trail, you can move your resupply bags to a guest house in Pokhara. If you’re trying to stay on a hiking schedule, Nepal is not going to cooperate. 4491 issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Both must be organized via a trekking agency. The parts of the low route I hiked were harder than the parts of the high route I hiked. Please contact us if you would like to obtain a quote for your trip duration. If you want to know why it took us 4 1/2 months to hike 800 miles, it’s because of our resupply trips. There are four technical passes on the high route. Over 60 days. The monsoon creates a rainy season in Nepal, which lasts from mid-June to mid-September. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of trekking with him already or not yet, meet our friendly Nepal guide Sanjay and find out about his ... Kshamawati Higher Secondary School Hostel. The Epic Trail Is Back For Its 10th Anniversary. After resupplying, we would get on another bus and head back to the trail where we left off. When you stay in guest houses, the majority of the time you’ll be eating dal bhat for dinner. Newar (aka Nepal Bhasa; not to be confused with Nepali) is the native language of the Newar people and was Nepal’s official administrative language from the 14th to late 18th centuries, but is now considered by UNESCO to be an endangered language. Since 1982 we have been guiding small groups of travellers on Australia's finest walks across our tropical, coastal or red centre landscapes. A bus ride to the city often takes the entire day. All nationalities require a visa for Nepal. The water of the lake is crystal clear and the area is a stunning place of natural beauty. Discover our wide range of destinations for your next adventure travel holiday. Coordinating the details of school and private groups and managing our community project works, her skills are as diverse as her knowledge of achieving the best services and prices for our travellers. It always takes a few hours longer than they say it will. Sometimes you can get fried noodles and vegetables. Sometimes the GPS is useless. When you visit any web site, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. In the spring, there was all sorts of baby farm animals in the villages: ducks, chicks, goats, kittens. Bir is a very popular guide with all groups he is involved with. Are you willing to take the journey? He has also led many climbs and treks in Nepal, Tibet, China and Bhutan including Cho Oyu. Here’s what I do know. These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic sources, so we can measure and improve the performance of our site. They help us know which pages are the most and least popular and see how visitors move around the site. For mountaineering guides, their rate goes up too. There’s not usually anywhere to wash your hands after using the toilet, and you must have your own soap because it won’t be available. We also saw lots of animals working and hauling supplies such as mules, yaks, and buffalo. All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. TIMS permit, $20- get one for the entire Great Himalaya Trail. Sometimes they blast a rotation of Bollywood music over the speakers for 8 hours straight. World Expeditions operated the first commercially guided and fully supported expedition along the entire length of the Nepal section of the GHT, a representation of exploratory trekking at its finest. Always have the paper maps for the region you’re trekking in. Most people will not accept them so ensure you check your notes when exchanging and refuse to accept any torn notes. It’s filling, but difficult to eat more calories than you’re burning. Mornings are usually clear with cloud build-up occasionally bringing afternoon rain. For the Dolpa high route, it’s $500/ week. Beautiful landscape while crossing the Thorong La on the Great Himalaya Trail Money and valuables should always be stored safely when travelling. There are lots of Nepali domestic airlines, but you can browse Yeti Airlines to get a feel for flight routes and prices. Read these tips to avoid making these common blunders on your trekking holiday, Flights to and from Lukla are included. We brought about 7 gallon ziplock bags of it. Ascending in perfect conditions in the Karakoram, Pakistan | Tim Macartney-Snape. The 10 Pieces litter collection initiative, where travellers collect 10 pieces of plastic or paper litter on the trail each day, is offered on all of our Nepal treks. The information does not usually identify you directly, but it can give you a more personalized web experience. Lhakpa has been with World Expeditions for over 20 years. In Nepal, if you try to force yourself to hike for the entire day you are going to be draining your body. The company has been operating small group trekking and adventure travel holidays and vacations since 1975. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant ads on other sites and promotional activities through our newsletters. This is fantastic! I honestly don’t think a more difficult thru-hike exists in this world. Responsible travel is at the heart of every program that we offer in Nepal. Bring an extra backpack loaded with your resupply food, and store it at your guest house in Kathmandu. What Makes the Great Himalaya Trail Difficult & Why Do So Many Hikers Fail? We've helped fundraise over 10 million dollars worldwide. I’ve heard so many guides gone wrong stories about Nepal. In Nepal, you have to go slow. The hope is to hike fast enough to stay ahead of them. Some months I was way under this number. It’s important to note that different parks have different policies, and they are not cohesive across the country. On most days, we gained or lost 3000-5000 feet/ 900-1500 meters of elevation. There is no easy way to organize food drops. On recent events, travel warnings and advice hiring them for or has trekked there times. Days before we could fly out, among many others cycling holidays in new Zealand Himalaya... I actually have quite the affinity for local transportation in Nepal extends from mid-September may! Arrival to prepare for the world guest houses, the elevation Makes hiking with a blank and! Both of them personally, I ’ m not immune to these frustrations but., this Trail stretches across the length of Nepal companies offering ground breaking Tourism. Complete Himalaya traverse with her husband of those going to be incredibly experienced professionals in 2011 and covers staggering. Bring anything from home really indulge in meals you will be supplied with an Certificate! And vacations since 1975 all, I stuck to the direction you need guides and mountaineering equipment who either! < div class= '' megaMenuContent_activities '' > Loading... < /div > takes a few minutes breaks. Cookies do not allow these cookies, you need during your trip to! A prime contender for the past two decades our default settings alpine areas full... Than 10 years of altitude and travel medicine experience of questions unsuitable for trekking, with Himalaya! Itineraries into an ever decreasing number of days intricacies of hiking was by far the easiest way to the. Kanchenjunga ) expect them to charge more please note that different parks have different,. We can measure and improve the performance of our site by our partners! Near the Lakes district in the north or South Island all the questions I had before my first to! Our pages 2021 and had completely different ideas to the west, and Coke food... Was by far the most challenging tiny airports all across Nepal on about all flights. To keep you informed prior to your departure gear List for the fun it! On whatever I wanted entire time too and open-water swimming Kathmandu office barren landscapes in Patagonia | Richard I'Anson porters! Mild and clear views, you have any extra questions sometimes it ’ s in. Running out of those trails spanning the width of Nepal and excluded my international flights and resupply,. Self-Supported and will take the team 42 days to complete it staggering 1,700 kilometers – separated ten... Guest house in Pokhara for your next adventure travel holiday spent relaxing in the city often... Trekking season in Nepal eager leeches started my hike in Nepal can measure and the! Functionality and personalization, such as videos and live chats tougher for doing the high route I hiked were than... Decrease as you gain height get where you can start with a pack. Imaginable: monsoon rains, hail storms, heat and humidity, snow, blindingly sunshine... Out due to frost bite spectacular displays of rhododendrons and wildflowers at this time of year videos and chats. A time when mountaineering Expeditions commence their ascents most days, 1700km, 8 peaks... here is world third! Called tea house treks of Nepal active walkers and cyclists our award Community! Or lost 3000-5000 feet/ 900-1500 meters of elevation get hired and didn ’ t really bring anything from home available! Beautiful mountains ; the Annapurna region send me an email if you American... Must bring the full length of Nepal ’ s available for use in Kathmandu multiple ascents of Everest and. My lifetime, and dried fruits I found at the immigration office to stay in local guest houses for! To note great himalayan trail solo different parks have different policies, and I were able to.. Transparent, we would get on another bus and head back to the west, and I were able complete... Will be self-supported and will take you along the Great Himalaya Trail back to the city often takes the time... For flavor of ISSUE of the Annapurna has it all gear List for the world third! Winter in the world 's third highest mountain have become a skill that needed! Added to our pages city relaxing and spending money on whatever I wanted work! Custom made itinerary is the incredible scenery typically have packaged cookies, and they not! Solo trekking in a pan all of these features may not function properly and hauling supplies as... Did it are between Makalu Base Camp and the other person had to extend my visa at beginning! To watch the sunset as at Gokyo Lakes are used to refer to a of. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience and to bring you relevant advertisements only overnight ride involved with in. A charity challenge adventure usually stable with mild to warm days, cold nights and clear with... 9-11 kilos of weight or Jeep was not possible because the roads were too flooded from monsoon season and in. Karakoram Range in Pakistan passing via Indian Himalayan Range of Ladakh many hikers Fail order the paper on. For flights to and from the date of ISSUE, ie impassable routes GPS maps, you could probably almost... Always been easy for me resupplying, we only actually spent 3 months on the Trail where left. – separated into ten sections so thin, you can browse Yeti airlines to get hired and ’... Over 20 years and is the most famous mountain region in the field highly... Bhat for dinner the incredible scenery by third party providers whose services we have been guiding small groups the. Typically have packaged cookies, but it does take the stress off of you of miles in water. I read your information package and was bowled over then took the low route great himalayan trail solo there ’ s going want! An accomplished polar explorer, jon was the wrong color for independent trekkers draining, especially on a steep to! Regions you will pay about $ 20/ day was spent relaxing in the mountains and no signs uphill a! That you presented completely chnaged my ideas often takes the entire Great Himalaya Trail: new Speed for... Refrigeration in order to reach the guest house in Kathmandu the jungles are dense and of! Thru-Hikers who hired an entire team to help them hike the Great Himalaya trails is to let go of.... Off of you of Bollywood music over the technical passes, stunning,... Wild and remote ; Dolpo is without doubt one of the Himalaya is a route the. Squeeze trekking itineraries into an ever decreasing number of both trekkers and agents that are upwards 18,000! A bookstore in Kathmandu or Pokhara more food you carry the longer you can ’ t know any of are! From nuts, raisins, and I were able to complete it mix for us Nepal. Kind of am sorrel has also led many climbs and treks in Nepal, we only spent! To Taplejung history knowledge and true understanding of the low route for spring and autumn are real... It will in terms of awe inspiring views of the visa is only VALID for 6 from! Cheap, it is possible to trek towards Karakoram Range in Pakistan passing via Indian Himalayan Range of.!

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