The flowering of a dogwood shrub is symbolic of the beginning of spring. Golden Dogwood are deciduous shrubs. Dark blue fruit appears later and is much appreciated by songbirds. How to Care for a Dogwood Bush. The common name for Cornus alternifolia, Pagoda Dogwood, comes from the graceful, horizontal branching habit of this small tree. In the winter, the reddish-pink twigs give a splash of color to a white winter landscape. A wide, gold margin surrounds the emerald green center and new growth is often infused with hints of reddish-orange. Golden canker (officially Cryptodiaporthe canker) is a visually distinct and increasingly common disease of alternate-leafed dogwoods such as pagoda dogwood. The Flowering dogwood tree or the red twig dogwood are some of the most beautiful and easy growing shrubs you can grow. Attractive, lacy white flowers grace the stunning foliage in the spring. Please use availability information as a guide only. If you see the flowers of these magnificent white flowering dogwood trees it is not too surprising that these plants are so popular among gardeners. Buy Golden Shadows® Dogwood online. Golden Shadows® is even more striking with its 4″ iridescent lime-green leaves, broadly edged in gold, and fragrant, white clusters of flower bracts. The light pink and white blossoms also give off a pleasant fragrance, attracting bees and butterflies to a garden. 100% Risk Free Guarantee. (Dogwood) Golden Shadows® Cornus is an outstanding new variegated selection of ‘Pagoda’ dogwood with bright, golden-yellow, variegated foliage. A stunning accent shrub if there ever was one, with amazing golden-variegated foliage held on distinctive horizontally-tiered branches; white flowers in spring, blue berries in summer; quite fussy, needs a cool sheltered site, also prefers acidic soil Cornus alternifolia trees have a graceful, horizontal branching habit that resulted in the common name “pagoda dogwood”. They can grow up to 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. In early spring its leaves display a golden edge, and by mid-summer stripes and swatches of pink give the foliage a water-colored appearance. Zone 3-8. The Tatarian dogwood bush has a rounded canopy. Dogwood shrubs should not be missing in your garden. It produces multiple upright stems that never grow above 8 feet (2.4 meters) tall. Pagoda Dogwood Information. Tatarian Dogwood Shrub Info. An outstanding new variegated selection of Pagoda dogwood with bright golden-yellow variegated foliage shaped like a hosta. The weather is a fickle thing, and impacts when our plants are actually available for shipping. Dogwood flowers twinkle bright like stars in springtime, signaling the end of winter and more pleasant days to come. The pagoda cultivar Golden Shadows (Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’) is a light and lively little dogwood. The plant offers something of interest for every season. Please be aware that we are not answering emails regarding plants availability. For a flowering tree that provides exceptional foliage interest, even when it's not in bloom, look no further than this newer variety of Chinese Dogwood. This disease can potentially be lethal if infections occur on the main trunk of a tree. Like the species tree, Golden Shadows is deciduous, losing its leaves in winter. In early spring, the dogwood leaves emerge a soft yellow green. These beautiful bushes … A big bold gold margin surrounds the emerald green center. New growth is often infused with hints … Golden Shadows Dogwood is an adaptable wildlife loving hedge shrub with year-round beauty.

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