Battle Style: Tends to use Technical Attack so use Power against it. It also uses Speed Attacks when its head is not broken so counter with Technical Attacks. Bring Sonic Bombs, by the way, to fish it out when it digs. Yian Kut-Ku, for example, typically uses Technical attacks but likes to throw in Speed once in a while. The item can be used to make low-health hatchable monsters retreat if thrown three times before they faint, allowing you to find their dens. You should be able to enter via the Mine Path on the clifftop. They also serve as home for a wide range of monsters that you can fight and defeat for experience and materials. 1 Physiology 2 Abilities 3 Description 4 Rage and Tired States 5 Interaction with Viruses or alternate Statuses 6 Mounts 7 Other Non-Subspecies Forms 8 Ecological Information 8.1 Placement in Food Chain 8.2 Behavior Towards Other Monsters 8.3 Turf Wars 9 Attacks 9.1 Rage Mode 9.2 Bloodcraver Mode 9.3 S-rank Onward 9.4 Rage … Elemental Attack: 2 out of 5 for Ice; 3 out of 5 for Fire, Water, Lightning; 4 out of 5 for Dragon. Flash bomb is effective because Malfestio most flying. Elemental Resistance: Above average against Ice (4 out of 5), average for Water and Dragon (3 out of 5), below average for Fire (2 out of 5) and poor against Lightning (1 out of 5). Ecology. Retreat Probability: Paintball (High). I recommend taking out the Qurupeco first, which should be pretty easy. Combat is a big part of Monster Hunter Stories, which uses turn-based battling that features its own unique twist on the classic JRPG system. Has an afro with chicks sticking out. I added methods to make some of them pop up but not all. Light damage to all enemies. A Monstrous Riddle: The riddle reads “My fur is white like snow, my ears long as icicles.” You vaguely remember a white monster matching that description… It was somewhere around the lake… What was is called? Kinship Special Move: Slip n’ Slam. Obtained by clearing the Fruits of the Desert Subquest from the Traveling Merchant in Oasum. Ratha, the monster you forged a bond so long ago, is alive! Kinship: Rushing Charge. Rewards: Monster Fluid, Poison Sac, Lightcrystal, Gypceros Webbing, etc. 1 Charge, wait until second flash, release - Charge Lv. Digs and hurls rock to damage single enemy. Totally Rad ‘Shroom Hunt: You accepted a challenging request from Reverto, or so you thought. Obtained from Traveling Merchant in Oasum by finishing his Toxic Toadstool Subquest. Here’s a quick walkthrough of Story Quests from the game to help get you started. Battle Style: Likes to use Technical and Power attacks. Below is a list of all the Monsties you can acquire on the game. << Gypceros Ride the grown-up Ratha and fly to the Dovan Volcano. Skills: Ground Thrustt, Paralysis Cutter, Heat Res, Evasion Instincts, Sand Breath, etc. Base HP. You should take Bitterbug to recover confusion . Technology, man. Rewards: Barroth Shell, Monster Bone, Defense Bead. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Malfestio may be attacks supersonic This subquest appears after you’ve had a conversation with your allies at the ruins and after clearing previous subquests from Dan. During battle, you can also use a Paintball on a weakened Lagombi to make it flee back to its den. It sprays scales that stored inside the wings after high jump . Defeat while paralyzed (Slight). How to get: Monsonne Plains Monster Den. Elemental Resistance: Strong against Water and Ice (5 out of 5), average Dragon (3 out of 5) and poor against Fire and Lightning (1 out of 5). Kinship: Dynamic Spin. Head for the village in the volcano, Geo-Fulkright! Rewards: Lagombi Pelt, Lagombi Plastron, Lagombi Ear, Frost Sac, etc. Hunter’s Life: Spr: Recipes for Demondrug, Armorskin and Fleetfoot Potion. Deli (050): Found at the right side of the Gildegaran Port just past the fishing dude. The main thing you need to do here is bring something to counter the heat like Cool Mist, for example (don’t forget to put it your Battle Pouch). Battling these monsters give you experience as well as mats that can be used for crafting. To help you get started, here are the Monsters that can be found in the starting areas. The next is an Air Showdown, which requires you to alternately tap the L and R buttons to win. Edmund (045):  This blue-sashed pig can be found at Pondry Hills somewhere outside the entrance of Mt. Being a weapon immediately familiar to other games, it's very likely to be a weapon picked up by new players, yet nobody talks about these early versions! Majek’s Request: The Guildmaster, Majek (The Gathering), has asked you to go out and slay a Royal Ludroth that has appeared on the coast of Monsonne Plains. This is why it’s important to do Subquests with material rewards, hunt monsters in the field and also gather from the spots you see in the field as you never know when the mats might come in handy. All in One Basket: You have overcome the trials and become a Rider. Needs Shagaru stuff and I forgot when those were available. Elemental Attack: 3 out of 5 for Fire, Lightning, Ice and Dragon; 4 out of 5 for Water. / The Cross Bowgun's final form. Lastly, bring Sonic Bombs to stun it when it digs underground. You’ve finally reached Gildegaran, but the townspeople seem afraid of your Monsties! Rewards: Raw Meat, Popo Pelt, Popo Tongue, etc. Retreat Probability: Paintball (High). A Humble Brd Wyv Egg, for example, has the same pattern but different colors than a Burning Brd Wyv Egg. Ride: When you fill you Kinship Gauge during battle, you will get the option to mount your Monstie. Defeat while downed (Slight). All Bird Wyvern Eggs, for example, feature the same speckle marks while all Herbivore Eggs feature long stripe with rounded edges. Press again to stop. Skills: Thunder Fang Thunder Charge, Thunder Trap, etc. Here you'll find a handy list of them all with links to their individual Defeat while poisoned (Slight). In the mines, you ran into Manelger’s assistant! 2 Battle Style: Likes to use Technical Attack (so use Power Attacks against it). Habitat: Monsonne Plains near Monsonne Hinterlands Catavan stop, Rewards: Sushifish, Qurupeco Scale, Qurupeco Feather, Strange Beak, Tech Bead. Ivy Climb. Intimidates enemies on the field or angers them. Displays plant gathering locations in the field. Through Wintertide Tunnel: Now that your Monstie has been powered up by the Rite of Channeling, it’s time to move to Gildegaran! The yellow and red striped pig gives you a Paw Pass Ticket when found. Requires delivering 5 Ice Crystals. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). It was added with the Iceborne Expansion on Sept 6th 2019.. A flying wyvern covered in pitch black fur. The new weapon to use in GenU is the F Seregios Edge XR (reaches 80% affinity when Weakness Exploit activates, plus white sharpness and high raw resulting in a net damage that which can't be beat by any other elementless cat weapon) and you're free to use any armor you want since World's Strongest wont be used. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. A Barioth Leads the Way: On leaving Wintertide Tunnel, the girl’s Barioth is waiting! Almost all of its body parts are breakable parts while its tail can be cut. A rock-covered Flying Wyvern, Basarios is the juvenile form of Gravios. At times it can get pretty exhausting keeping track of which quests will actually allow you to progress in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Manelger and his assistant ran away toward Dovan Volcano! Looking for MHGU information? Defeat while blinded (Slight). Picking Power one turn, Power again next turn and Technical after that triggers a combo attack when using the Great Sword. Bring out a Rathalos (regular, Azure or Silver) during the battle (Slight). Gives you Zest Pill x5. Keep venturing deep into the tunnel until you get to a room where there are four exits (including the one you came in through plus a left, right and top exit). To help travel more easily later on, you can also find umbrella stations that serve as hailing points for the Catavan, allowing to quick travel to places you’ve already been to. Defeat while poisoned (Slight). I don't know the technical Jargon but when a monster has a hit zone of 45 or higher this skill takes effect. Defeat with a Lagiacrus or White Lagiacrus (Slight). The different hitzones have modifiers for how much of your weapon's damage get's through. I ended up using my Zamtrios here since it was at a higher level than my Lagombi, as well as Zamtrios armor and the Zamtrios hammer. (This guide was made by using KevaSan's monster weakness chart and referencing Kiranico for status information and to double-check monster weaknesses. Little piggies and Monster Hunter are a long-standing match. Thunder > Ice . Gives you Electro Sac. Riding Action: Plant Search. Skills: Empowering Song, Fortifying Song, Fiery Swipe, Tech Boost (M), Soothing Song, etc. Skills: Spread Frost Breath, Skillseal Chaser, Ice Armor, Ice Boost (M), Predatory (M), Monster Hunter Stories Armor and Weapon Guide, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. King Size. Sadly, I will not be purchasing this game, even at summer sale prices. All credit for the data below goes to both creators.) Battle Pouch: The Battle Pouch is where you put items that you want to use in battle such as Herbs, Potions and Flash Bombs. Battle Style: Likes to use Power Attacks (so use Speed Attacks against it). Battle Style: Likes to use Speed and Power Attacks. Part Sever Blunt Ammo ; light bowgun vs heavy bowgun mhgu. From here, you can branch out to do one of three activities. Chubs (041): Found inside Hunter’s Guild at Gildegaran. Rewards: Screamer Sac, Velocidrome Claw, Velocidrome Head, Velocidrome Hide, Speed Bead. MHW Kirin weakness, rewards, carves, armor, weapons & more. Habitat: Monsonne Plains Monster Den, etc. Hug the left wall upon entering the cave until you see Vivian. Defeat while downed (Slight). Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). Essence Vitale: Keep fighting, never give up, and study this recipe for Vital Essence. Quests. Each has a type advantage and disadvantage with another attack, which you’ll want to remember. A Speed-loving Lagombi would be perfect against it. Weakness Exploit Lvl 3: Focus Lvl 3: Evade Extender Level 2: Power Prolonger Lvl 1: Non-elemental Boost: Master's Touch: Airborne: Elemental Airborne-Build For High Critical & Affinity Rates. Big Size ≥1970.03. You will need to have a Monstie with the Jump ability with you so you can use the stone platforms to leap and reach it. ACatavan Quandary: A Catavaner is in trouble at the Old Mine: A Yian Kut-Ku has stolen part of his cart! Group Healing 101: An introduction to healing items. You can also use a Zamtrios (which is what I did as my Lagombi was underleveled) but make sure to order the guy to use a skill if it starts using Technical attacks while Cephadrome is about to do a head-to-head attack. Battle Style: Likes to use Technical Attack (so use Power Attacks against it). Now is the time for action! Rewards: Kut-Ku Scale, Kut-Ku Webbing, Giant Beak, Flame Sac, etc. A New Rider: According to Lilia, another Rider was seen in Gildegaran. And so , if you use Cut weapon , weekpoint is tail. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). Defeat with 10 turns (Slight). Elemental Attack: 2 out of 5 for Lightning and Dragon; 3 out of 5 for Water and Ice. Defeat while trapped (Slight). That has not changed with Monster Hunter Stories, which has 100 Lost Poogies for you to find. 'Slay' Bonus: Kelbi Horn x1 (you don't really slay it but it gets recorded in  Monsterpedia after you encounter it), Habitat: Wintertide Tunnel, Darj Snowfields Monster Dens (more likely to return to den when afflicted with abnormal status that does gradual damage), Rewards: Flabby Webbing, Flabby Hide, Pale Bone, Electro Sac, Battle Style: Likes to use Power and Technical attacks. Seriously. Enter shallow water and press A to swim freely. Elemental Attack:1 out of 5 for Lightning, 2 out of 5 for Fire, 3 out of 5 for Dragon; 5 out of 5 for Water and Ice. My First Combo: Your Rider training has only just begun! daimyo hermitaur mhgu. Kinship Skill: Slide Spinner Heavy. The Dan subquest chain includes: Retreat Probability: Paintball (Moderate). If you’re quick, maybe you can take it out before it buffs the Rathian (ungh). Defeat while suffering Sleep status (Slight). Hatching eggs will get you new Monsties! Defeat within 5 turns (Moderate). Rare. July 20, 2016 Now, you must gather the Grand Felvine using your Monstie Expedition Party at the Stables. Warm and Healthy: Collected knowledge on keeping warm. Elemental Resistance: Strong against Lightning (5 out of 5), average against Water, Ice and Dragon (3 out of 5) and poor against Fire (1 out of 5). When in doubt, just clear your Quest Board and NPC requests as they come and all of these Monsties should show up as you get farther into the story (or, in the case of some monsters, clear it). Weapon Combos: Each weapon has its own unique combo that triggers based on a sequence of attacks you pick for consecutive turns. Egg Nest Location: Perennial Pass, Trese Desert. Acquired by going through the story. Bomba (024): Found in the Hall of Scriveners inside the Hunter’s Guild building in Gildegaran. You can even whether you want them to get fewer or more items, which shortens or lengthens the time they are away. Ceanataur… Ceanataur Claw. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Note: Starts appearing on eastern and northwestern side of Trese Desert after clearing the Monsonne Plains Rathian hunt subquest via the Quest Board. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). Steel yourself and set out on your mission! He says if you can bring him Hot Spring Dumplings, he will let you stay in the cabins! But how does Navirou know the way when he claims to have never been here before? Here’s a sampling of “Bingo” bonuses you can unlock depending on what straight-line combinations you fill the slots with. Defeat while blinded (Slight). If you hit supersonic , you get sleep . Battling. This guy will probably be the first legitimate challenge you face as far as bosses go. The attack rushing like walk while swinging wings. Elemental Attack: 2 out of 5 for Water, 3 out of 5 for Ice, Lightning and Dragon; 5 out of 5 for Fire. High Rank (Village 7 … Prepare yourself and head for the quicksand! Watch out when it assumes a blocking position as it will usually counter when attacked from this stance. More advanced monsters will eventually mix up their attacks, adding a risk-reward element to fights. Retreat Probability: Paintball (Slight). Use the Velocidrome’s Jump Field Skill to launch yourself from stone platforms that can be found when you hug the hills to the right of village entrance after exiting Hakum.

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