RIPENING DATE: October. Semi-dwarfing size are easy to harvest, prune, and maintain. Most plum trees will reach 16 feet (5 m.) at maturity or 14 feet (4 m.) if they are a dwarf variety. Fruit Trees > Temperate Fruit Trees > Plum Tree > Plum - Satsuma Red to purple flesh with a freestone. Japanese, red flesh, freestone. Fruit is mildly sweet, not tart, and red interior makes eye catching preserves or desserts. Choosing a Plum Tree. in the shoots having terminal bud and solitary side buds (not clustered), the flowers in groups of one to five together on short stems, and the fruit having a groove running down one side and a smooth stone (or pit). A small and attractive fruiting deciduous tree, leaves are green and flowers before the onset of fruit, are pink and white and fragrant. McGrath Nurseries have used their best endeavours to ensure this chart is accurate, however, it should be used as a guide only. Fruit Trees > Temperate Fruit Trees > Plum Tree > Dwarf Plum - Satsuma Red to purple flesh with a freestone. All citrus varieties are self fertile so can be planted alone and fruit will be produced. Great for eating, stewing and jam making. Their mottled maroon-over-green skin and dark, meaty flesh make for a sweet, mild treat that has no tartness and is excellent for making jam. Plant a Japanese plum tree for beautiful, fragrant spring blossoms and huge summer harvests of juicy, delicious plums. This fruit tree is shipped dormant and bare-rooted. Plum – Satsuma. Satsuma is a Japanese plum with medium to large, nearly round, dark red fruit with a small pit. The Satsuma Plum can be enjoyed for its red, meaty flesh that is indeed very juicy with a mild sweet taste. $29 Blenheim Apricot Tree. Plumcots ripen in early June, and require 300 chill hours. SPACING: Plant trees 15 – 20 feet apart. This unique Plumcot is tolerant to major plum diseases, like bacterial spot and bacterial canker. All varieties chosen in the Dwarf range produce full size fruit and are sweet and crisp to eat. Trunk Size The vast majority of our trees will ship with a 5/8” trunk diameter, however size may vary slightly based on availability during the season. Pollinate with Burgundy or Santa Rosa Plum. It has a very delicious flavor and is a moderately sized tree that bears tiny white fragrant blossoms. If you live in a more northerly climate, you may consider planting your plum tree in a location where it will have protection from cold winds, as they are prone to late frost damage. If planting the satsuma tree in the ground, site it on a south-facing sunny wall to absorb as much heat and sun in winter as possible. If they vary, most are larger (3/4” or 1”), and rarely some are smaller (1/2”). Take care when planting seedless varieties (like Mandarin ‘Miho’) with other citrus trees, as despite the variety being seedless, they can form seeds if cross pollinated with another variety flowering at the same time. The characteristics of this hybrid fruit tree are 50% plum and 50% apricot. Sweet, great for eating fresh or jam. Please be advised we recommend dwarf trees are staked permanently due to trees producing high crop loads. Check with your local store for current availability. Vigorous grower that fruits well, best to thin fruiting for larger growth. Firm, meaty, juicy flesh, red to the pit. Freestone would be a great plus. Requires a pollinizer: Beauty or Santa Rosa plums. Mid season. Plant satsuma in spring, after danger of freezing has passed. $29 Honeycrisp Apple Tree. I live in southeast Texas and I have not had any problems with the tree in recent years. This is what they mean when you hear talk of blood plums. This item Satsuma Plum Tree - 2 Year Old, 4-5 Feet Tall Perfect Plants Scarlet Beauty Plum Tree Live Plant, Produces Fruit, 4-5ft, Includes Care Guide 1 Satsuma Mandarin Orange Fruit 3" Tree … Prunus domestica. 'Santa Rosa' and 'Beauty' will pollenize Satsuma. The dark-red, mid-sized, rounded fruits are borne on vigorous upright branches that develop a willowy habit. Yields medium-sized, reddish-purple plums in late summer. are one of the most vigorous, tolerant and easiest of stone fruits to grow and will reward you with prolific crops for very little effort.. Dwarf Satsuma plum is the dwarf form (two metres high) of maybe the most well known of all blood plums, mid season ripening in February, one of the most reliable plums in our list - crops year in year out, largest in size, rounded dark red, firm juicy flesh, described by one local nurseryman here as having a ‘satisfying clove like depth’ of flavour. ESTIMATED CHILLING REQUIREMENTS (BELOW 45 DEGREES): 300. I would like to plant a plum tree that gives me plums with very sweet flesh (no tartness) and non tart skin. Pollinate for improved production. Citrus trees need well-drained soil, consistent and deep watering and a regular application of citrus fertilizer throughout the year. Fiber pots available from winter to early spring. Q. Satsuma Trees I have a satsuma tree that is dying. There are three major categories of plum trees: European, Japanese, and American hybrids. These Japanese plums tend to be larger in size than European red plums. Plums are a type of stone fruit, which also includes peaches, nectarines, apricots, and cherries. ... By selecting desired size, foliage, and a few categories, Treefinder opens up a world of possibilities. It has a sweet taste with slight tartness. POLLINATION: Pollinate with Santa Rosa Plum. Considered to be an ugly looking fruit with an unusual shape. SATSUMA -Syn. Although called a satsuma plum, they have nothing to do with the citrus fruit. Trees Begin Shipping in Late December! Partially self-pollinating but will improve inÿthe company of 'SantaÿRosa', 'Narabeen' or 'Mariposa'. A plum is a fruit of the subgenus Prunus of the genus Prunus. SHIPPING & DELIVERY ... Average trunk size is 1/2"-5/8". I am following up on a question about my Satsuma Plum tree. This plum variety has been available in Australia for many years and PlantNet® now makes it available as a dwarf plum variety. The whole tree is affected. We build off-site so there’s no building noise or mess at your place. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, canning or preserves. The Satsuma Mandarin tree produces sweet and juicy fruit with puffy, very easy to peel skin. I am considering Beauty, Methley or Satsuma just because they have low chill hours that work in my area. FRUIT: Small to medium round fruit, this blood plum has dark red skin and flesh.It has a beautiful sweet, rich flavour with a bit of tang, and is quite juicy. Satsuma. ADD TO CART OVERVIEW. The last picture with healthy looking flowers is the Shiro plum next to the sickly Satsuma. Sweet, lively flavor. Any one have good suggestions for my area? The Satsuma Blood Plum is a popular freestone plum with a lovely red-purple flesh. Qty. Satsuma Plum Tree quantity Add to cart SKU: plu-sat Categories: Japanese Plum , Plum Trees Tags: eating fresh , Grows in Tompkins County , hardiness zone 5 , hardiness zone 6 , hardiness zone 7 , hardiness zone 8 , hardiness zone 9 , self-fertile Some of our favorite midsummer fruit! I water once a week in dry months.I fertilize once or twice a year. The Plumcot tree yields large sized fruit with yellow blushed, melon red skin. And, because of its size, the Satsuma fits easily on to a house removal truck. We do not accept any responsibility for harm, loss or damage caused or resulting from your use or reliance on any of the information contained in this chart in the event that any of that information is inaccurate or incomplete. Mottled maroon over green skin, Plum is a semi-freestone with a small pit; sweet taste. $29 + Gift Wrapping. Their overall size may also need to be considered. The flavour is good, the growth vigorous and its bears particularly well, in … Our productive Japanese plum trees bear fruit with wonderful, unique flavor. These trees are hardy and many are also self-fertile. PlantNet offers this variety both as a full size tree and a dwarf tree. Satsuma is juicy, and it has a particularly good flavor. But this year it bloomed late and it has branches that are dying on it and leaves are falling off. The Satsuma is like the Cherry Plum, only bigger. Upright tree is partially self-fertile. Simca Plums It’s very comfortable as an extra room, office or guest room and takes as little as eight weeks to build. The subgenus is distinguished from other subgenera (peaches, cherries, bird cherries, etc.) The fruit is sweet with a hint of tart making it both a fresh eater as well as the perfect plum for jams and preserves. Satsuma plum $ 29.00 inc. GST Maybe the most well known of all blood plums, the Satsuma plum is a mid season plum, largest in size, rounded dark red, firm juicy spicy flesh, described by one local nurseryman here as having a ‘satisfying clove like depth’ of flavour. The variety of Plums on offer to today can make choosing the right tree for the right place a little mind boggling. I have attached pictures. A satsuma is the approximate size and shape of a tangerine, but slightly sweeter. The common name blood plum refers to the deep red color of the skin and flesh. All varieties chosen in the dwarf range produce full size … Santa Rosa Plum Tree. There are several cultivars of satsuma oranges (Citrus unshiu), all of which are valued for their cold tolerance relative to other orange varieties, as well as their thin, easily-peeled skin and few seeds. Five gallon cans available from early spring to through summer. Consistently rated as one of the best Japanese plum varieties. The small pit is semi freestone. Satsuma oranges are small citrus fruits that are not actually true oranges. Spring Satin™ is a natural hybrid between a plum and apricot… known as a Plumcot! FLAVOR OF FRUIT: Red, meaty flesh. Satsuma plums are a semi-clingstone variety, meaning that the flesh partially clings to the stone. Plums. Pollinate with Santa Rosa or similar mid-season variety. ROOT STOCK: Myro 29c. 'blood plum'. Related Products. Satsuma Plum Tree. It’s important to choose a type of plum that will work with your location. The tree is an upright grower. HEIGHT: 5.0m WIDTH: 4.0m *height & width at maturity. The Plumcot has a juicy, plum-like flesh with a unique aromatic touch of apricot flavor. One of the most popular varieties in California, the Satsuma Plum tree yields large, oval fruit that ripens in early August. A very large fruit with solid deep red skin and firm flesh. Outstanding for fresh eating or canning. The flavour is good, the growth vigorous and its bears particularly well, in fact to get large fruits it may require thinning. Plums Part of the series: Growing Plum Trees. Perfect for your backyard … Pollinating Trees for "Satsuma" “Satsuma” plums may be pollinated by "Methey," "Shiro" and "Toka." Fruit ripens middle of the season and is of medium size. According to Dr. Jerry Parsons, retired professor and extension horticulturalist from Texas, satsuma trees grow to … Satsuma trees are tropical to sub-tropical citrus fruits of the mandarin orange variety that originated in Japan. TREE SIZE: 2 year, 4-5 feet tall. The most important thing to know about Plum trees is that most require a pollinator i.e. Prunus salicina 'Satsuma' Japanese Blood Plum. STONE FREENESS: N/A. You'll love every sweet drop of flavor whether you eat these plums fresh or ma Satsuma Plum Tree Shipped in Soil, Five Gallon Container » Store » Tomorrow's Harvest by Burchell Nursery How to Plant Satsuma Plum Tree.

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