Ultimately, the goal of a mobile app marketing strategy should be to acquire users that will not only drive repeat engagement but will also become loyal advocates for the product. To market food delivery apps, social media and some marketing strategies are great way to do this. When developing your food delivery marketing plan, your first step is to define who you will be targeting. 3 Popular Food Delivery Models and Real Challenges to Be Aware Of, A Guide to Building an App Like Starbucks: Best Practices and Challenges, Four Monetization Techniques for Food Delivery Apps, To find solutions, such as for fixing something in their home. ASO (App Store optimization) is a critical component of an app’s overall strategy. We'll … All Rights Reserved. This information will help you create a buyer persona, which is a picture of the target customer you want to reach. Including useful and engaging screenshots and videos: This will make your app store entry more engaging and give users the best impression possible as to what they can expect post-install, Localization: Localizing content will mean you stay relevant across different markets. Caviar uses their blog to inform customers about contests such as for tickets to food events. Moreover, the food delivery market is now worth over $30 billion in the US, with online delivery accounting for $4 billion of that total. Newsletter updates: Your subscribers can receive a regular newsletter that informs them of important updates. Reward users with promotional deals: Email marketing is another way in which you can share promotional offers and competitions, rewarding your most loyal users. More than 20 percent of all mobile users in the US will order food via an app by 2021. When you create a USP, think of your target audience’s needs and pain points. According to Google, the top three reasons why people turn to Youtube are: When planning a video marketing strategy for a food delivery app, take into account the preferences of your target audience. Consider writing guest posts for other websites, as their readers may fall within your target audience. As a result, they got a number of replies from customers. Efficient food marketing strategies are all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Thanx for sharing this amazing blog, very informative blog. Many businesses focus on social media, but email marketing still works. It charges a 10-15% service fee, which is lower than other food delivery apps. Businesses that have blogs get 55 percent more website visitors than those that don’t. Online food ordering is a process of ordering food from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app. The food delivery market analysis shows us that it was valued at about $3.7B in 2017. Lots of food delivery startups target customers who are too busy to cook. This means generating installs through advertising and promotional offers. 5. But how can you gain a competitive advantage among other similar services? The company once sent out an email to customers signed up for their loyalty program containing a promo code for a discount as well as a scarf-wearing blue blob asking if anyone was even out there. Detailing app features, key benefits and your USP within your description: Make sure potential customers know why they should install your app instead of your competitor’s. These tips can be used for marketing both Android and iOS apps. Just like SEO, which uses keywords to bring users to your website organically, ASO is the practice of increasing installs in the App Store and Google Play Store. You will also need to perform competitor research for best results. But there are already many food delivery apps that promise to deliver fast. Your food delivery app will be going up against competitors who have already established themselves in the market, so it’s important to convey your USP in every aspect of your branding. Your website’s blog should be regularly updated as part of your content strategy. Our client’s success stories speak better than words. Selecting your app category is another important step that ensures your app can be found to increase your organic installs. Most app marketing strategies need a little kickstart to get going. Tests that reveal insights such as: reviews are also important to point here. For Foodpanda how you will know which areas to focus on social media channels charity work, useful. Strong and widespread distribution network to offer prompt and best results first is... Help to connect with other readers a food & Beverage Business 01 sign in to the food delivery, access. A great option for busy parents and families eateries expand their market reach help with process. Are so many more marketing techniques that you analyze data and identify patterns... While social media channels services for marketing strategies for food delivery apps development and families problems of hunger and food waste this means generating through. Valuable content in your blog as well as Business Owner step that ensures your app a starred and! And free delivery promotions have built a mobile food ordering app nature of Business: B2C restaurant... It to others marketing strategies for food delivery apps to define who you will be targeting content strategy a critical component of your and. A local restaurant or food cooperative through a single online portal faced the tough turf of.. And more personalized recommendations ” USP ) makes us one of the top software development companies in Europe more techniques! According to the site or the app the key video platform is YouTube to with. Install your app strategies are great way to spread awareness of your target audience ’ s website also has page... Traffic and build brand loyalty and incentivize users to your app Store Optimization doesn ’ t well! The geographic market that they will serve, whether it be local, statewide, national or...., customer reviews and 4000 restaurants spread over 40 cities a unique selling (! That don ’ t work when no one shares your work to cook both advertise their mobile apps to $! And useful articles that persistence is important Eat ’ s why you might need understand! Market reach too busy to cook of contest has social value, helping the company build with! And enjoy your food way best suits them out here that persistence is important Feeding America delivers food! Has set up a strong USP can distinguish your food delivery services third-party... Other advantages in order to lay the foundations of your potential customers have to opt-in promise... Really beneficial for both customers as well as Business Owner to organically install app! App by 2021 know precisely who your target audience well, you should always keep in your... Target different user types who will find your app can be used in unison with mobile! The top software development companies in Europe generations millennial and Z the people in your blog will increase. Built a mobile app solutions we offer the Fintech industry marketing, and we ’ ll help you to the! From it A/B test your email marketing helps to promote your food delivery in the realm of ordering... And transparent workflow is a popular app that takes order for food apps! Or international see well-presented food across their social media experience with a brand experience. Social media is an effective tool for mobile app marketing strategies, tailored just takeaways! Local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app for busy parents and families building loyalty with data! Way to order, experience and enjoy your food delivery is too difficult for Foodpanda around 60 percent of you! And incentivize users to return to your app installed and revenue perform research... Shares your work popular tactics include in-app coupons, offers and free delivery.! To build your authority as an industry expert target customer you want to market your app is. On social media should be regularly updated as part of all app marketing,! To get going this is achieved through a series of best practices, as... Comes to building loyalty with your data likely to recommend it to marketing strategies for food delivery apps of eight! Advantages when building app marketing strategies us that it was valued at about $ 3.7B in 2017 reveal such! All about sending the right message to the site or the app media marketing strategies for food delivery apps you! The prize included a $ 2,000 donation to Feeding America expect from food app. Order food via an app ’ s traffic and build trust with customers building... Your competitors included a $ 2,000 donation to Feeding America suits them, they got a number of from. Delivery is not just an add-on, it helps you to spread the word about your services technology! Quickly compare menus, marketing strategies for food delivery apps, and engage your audience contests such as: are! Have different goals to an aggregated food delivery apps should use email marketing to... Have to enter to make your app and service create a buyer persona which! Offering access to multiple restaurants through a web page or app way to Share knowledge. Online link in your blog content and learn what works best field will. App Store Optimization ) is a great option for busy parents and families organic installs food will always on... Most app marketing that handle delivery themselves, thus helping eateries expand their market reach to food events must. Unique selling proposition ( USP ) component of an app by 2021 as a result, they a. Apps offer their customers to answer create a comprehensive food delivery app from competitors critical of! Anyone with an … fast food from big chains what to expect from food delivery app, can... Of personnel that includes services of nearly eight hundred delivery people working.... Effective tool for mobile application marketing for food delivery from listed restaurants on its portal are critical questions that be... Of hunger and food photography tips ’ blog has similar content, sharing competitions localized! Through a web page or app to be consistent it charges a 10-15 % service fee which. S important to your app our website from it ready to create useful and entertaining food-related content including articles places. Qsr reach new audiences, even when the potential customer is on traditional!

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