Fantastic information, thanks. Cheers! My trip would also involve Nothern Norway as well as Sweden and I am wondering if you used any specific paper map? Hi Aaron, thank you for sharing all the information. I got quite soaked on the day I attempted to cross the glaciers at Tarfala (due to rain) but did not encounter much rain on the other days. I plan to go on a tour with a group of 4-6 friends next summer. We’re headed to Sweden next week to do the trail and I know you mentioned not needing sleeping bags, but I’ve also found some mixed information so was curious what the bedding situation was? Really nice to read your post and relive the amazing trail, and awesome of you to have done it with your kid! I am planning to go to the Kungleden. Maybe you can zig-zag around the main trail to explore the less trodden side trails, adding to the distance and challenge. I know paper maps are the the most reliable way to navigate, but there so many, one for each section of the trail that it is a bit too much. Thank you very much for all the useful informations! thanks for all the info on the kungsleden. While I was at Tarfala there were a couple of people each day who arrive from Kebnekaise Mountain Station around midday, have a break then head back to Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Alternatively at Kebnekaise the staff there should definitely be able to provide information on that. Hi Aaron Also includes the Abisko–Nikkoluokta circuit and an optional ascent of Kebnekaise, Sweden's highest peak. Hope you’ll have an amazing time, and please let me know if you feel there’s other information I should add here! There are no fees for hiking the Kungsleden. (we have already researched the crossing times, prices & contacts). These signs will point you to the place to collect drinking water from – usually a nearby river or lake, though some huts are beginning to develop easier onsite water systems. I’ll not be able to carry all my luggage since it now also includes a home-made foldable kayak, so I’ve made a trolly for the purpose! You can read more details on sleeping at a mountain cabin here: Hi Kishan! I know there are no hut in that way, but I’m planning to bring with me a tent, and I think that one will be a little shorter. You can camp near the huts for a lower fee, between zero and 150SEK depending on the hut. And more details on prices for visiting/ camping beside a mountain cabin. You will not require a guide to hike the Kungsleden. From what I heard, around Tjaktja, the snow never melts fully on some summers, while on other years (like the one I was there), there was no snow around the pass in summer. I’m a relatively experienced hiker and I’m in reasonably good shape. It really seems that we could just fly/train in and pretty start right in. Can I pitch a tent where ever I want ? The total length of the Kungsleden trail is more than 400 kilometers. Regarding your second question, I’m not too familiar between Kebnekaise and Kvikkjokk as I only did the part northwards from Kebnekaise. thank you Last question : will two weeks be enough (or too long / short) ? First question : do you think it is better to start in Abisko and go south or Kvikjokk and go north ? And if so, of what quality? Your information here was outstanding and this may be the place that delivers both. Narvik – Abisko 10.53 and 12.40. would you know the costs approximately? Probably not a good idea to attempt in less than perfect weather if you’re not confident. We are looking for both a challenge (in terms of distance, but also in terms of difficulty) and a beautiful tour to walk along. We’re wondering if it’s possible to hike any part of the trail in March? The event sells out soon after release every year. Your email address will not be published. We are not in the best of shape.. Of course, bring toiletries along to to keep fresh throughout the hike. From what I can find, you can start from Alesjaure towards Vistas, which is about 18km. Are there blankets on bunks? The Kungsleden trail is dog friendly and each hut will have a specified dog room. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs 120 kr - … For pitching tents as long as you are not pitching within the immediate surroundings of cabins there should not be any charges too. But my major concern is that hiking the entire 440 kms will take more than 2 weeks and there is no way I can afford the ~50 USD per night at the huts. Would you know of cheap places or ideas on how I can leave my suitcase in Stockholm or at one of places in the hike for ease and return back to collect it? Weather may still be cold, around 5 degrees Celcius on average in May according to and Will this keep me warm enough or am I overdoing it? Membership with the STF costs around $35 (295 SEK) per year. Either way it’s likely that you’ll pass by Kiruna and Stockholm again so it should be convenient. For 2 to 3 nights I think it’ll be a good idea to start and end at Abisko. Kungsleden, 420 km, 260 miles, about 28 days. First, I plan on camping throughout the entire trek, do I need to book in advance to hike the trail? As for Brittany’s blog that you asked her about, I found it: It might be possible to walk around Abisko. What are the temperatures like during summer months? More details on past weather trends: Thank you. There are wood fireplaces in the bunks and matches are not always available. Hi GQ, apologies for the late reply, I had missed your message. Click to enable/disable Google Analytics tracking. If so, which one? Or is it enough to leave on the 6th of august? Stages [] Hello Not advisable to depend on, and not really nice to take all of it as it is meant to be an exchange. Bye, One thing i wanted to ask you about is how bad the mosquito situation is on the trail around this time. During our road and hiking trip in Scandinavia back in 2018 we hiked two sections of the Kungsleden: from Kvikkjokk to Saltoluokta and from Ammarnäs to Hemavan. Maybe it’s a common experience on the trail that we don’t need words to express. . Hope you guys are Well and Good…, Hi Sayan! Thank you for all the advices. As most of the main trail between Nikkaluokta and Abisko is in a wide open valley with low vegetation it is not so easy to get lost. We are hiking trail in late Aug. Often a separate, small, self-contained cabin. You’ll do fine . Our top information about the Kungsleden: detailed stage descriptions, maps, GPS track. Those are pretty much my only requirements for picking a new trail to hike, hoping the answer is yes to both! Water is typically collected in buckets from a nearby river/lake and used water is emptied into waste buckets, which are then emptied into special drainage containers outside, referred to as ‘slask.’. Thank you for all advices Aaron, what you have given here, I found them very useful! How cold it gets if you camp at night outdoors? I don’t think you’ll need an expensive one as the weather shouldn’t be too harsh on the main trail. Let's discuss our past or upcoming Kungsleden / King's Trail hikes! I’d only be able to accurately comment on Tarfala as it is the only one I’ve visited out of those options. Also, as you went alone, did you use personal locator beacons, or is it unlikely to get into difficulty making them unnecessary? But overall it is between €250 and €350 per round trip from central Europe. I’m not too familiar with the insects/ mosquitoes around this time of the year but from what I can find, the mosquito situation should already been tapering off (the peak in June/ July, and almost none in September). Though I did not pre-book my hut stays throughout the trail, I did not face any situations where bunks ran out. I think the snow conditions at Kungsleden are not so predictable. Hi Aaron, Thanks for all the helpful information. Kungsleden is a long-distance hiking trail that runs from Abisko in Sweden’s far north to Hemavan, about 325km southeast as the crow flies. Thank you for your kind words, and hope you’ll have a great time! There’s a really cool law in Sweden protecting the right to camp (! Have a look if you’re interested ( and thanks again. I will be finishing at Nikkaluokta. During my trip in September 2016 the bus was quite empty, and it was not possible to buy tickets in advance then. Hope you’ll have an amazing time exploring the area! I think if you’ve got the dates confirmed it might be a better idea to buy bus tickets in advance as there is a discount for purchasing online (in addition to securing your seat). Taking on Kaitum from the train-station (of same name) going upstream is not an attractive option due to the terrain. There are people who do the trail in one go, but you can also walk it well in separate sections. I’ve been planning a fishing/kayak tour on Kaitum using experience from two earlier fishing-hikes +20 years ago. We’re planning to do the hike in two weeks and I’m wondering how much mosquitoes and other insects there will be and, more importantly, what we can do about them to ensure it will be a pleasant hike. Will 150$ one will do? I’ve got some question if you allow me: Alternatively, according to the STF Abisko Turiststation page, you should be able to leave your luggage at Abisko, though that would mean having to make a detour after the hike back to Abisko to retrieve your bag. I think if you leave early from Kebnekaise perhaps at 7am or earlier you should have more than enough time to arrive at Nikkaluokta before the last bus. Last updated 25 Mar 2019. Since last year I’ve been using as my primary navigation tool with physical maps as backup. i have hies alone before but never such a remote area, Hi Magreet, it is safe to walk alone on the Kungsleden. A wood burning stove is available for heating and candles are provided for light once it gets dark. Love camping? What happens exactly if the hut is full when you arrive. We are in the U.S planning a holiday to hike and would like to hire a guide. STF membership can be obtained at the mountain stations (Kebnekaise and Abisko) for 295 SEK (34 USD), and as you can easily work out, you’d get back the cost of the membership with 3 nights on the trail. However the northern section of the Kungsleden it is still approximately 110km/70miles over a week, so the fatigue may accumulate. I can’t remember to exact price of meal packets where you can just add water and have a full hot yummy meal ready, but I think they’re in the range of 100-200 SEK. Backpack at Start 19kg Backpack at End 14kg (I age 5kg of food in 7 days!) Yes. But I am not 100% certain that it is 8km from Kebnekaise to the lake though, you may want to check with the company doing the boat trips at [email protected]. This page has excellent information on the crossings that are required between Kvikjokk and Kebnekaise ( Thanks for this write up, excellent info! There are some uphills and rocky terrain but nothing too much for a day. We were wondering if there are other options to reach Kiruna from Nikkaluokta then the bus? It’s related to Sweden’s Freedom to Roam laws, which are really cool! You wouldn’t want to end off a full day tiring hike with some bland tasting (or worse, foul tasting) food. A hard shell? Click to enable/disable _gid - Google Analytics Cookie. Also as I had originally planned to take a side route I was using the map to check how that would work out. I spent a week on the trail and surrounding areas last September and loved (almost) every single bit of it. We need 2 cookies to store this setting. I think you should be able to complete it in less time than that as it is a gradual downhill/ flat. The trolly has 50 cm diameter wheels and everything else can be customized to optimal usage for the situation. I think there would still be much snow on the trails in March and might not be a good time to hike. Haven’t found the latest offline prices for the huts but they should have risen since 2017). 4) Yes, as long as it is a clear night there is a good chance of seeing the northern lights along the trail. Thanks for the guide! is it necessary to book a trip or is it possible to just plan a trip, fly to Sweden and walk the trail? One of my favorite places on earth, the Kungsleden, in Swedish Lapland, will be open for summer hiking from June to September this year. 1) The most common animal along the trail are the reindeer herds towards the north that should pose little danger as long as you keep a safe distance from them. – Do you have an Idea, if I can buy other Maps along the Trail, so that I don’t have to carry all maps the entire Trail (I understand that you didn’t do the hole Trail but I hope that you maybe talked to other hikers about this ) Have time for more? All the best for your trek! I am going to hike the pass this July, I’ve just bought the airplane tickets. For your first question, some things to consider: Hi Istvan, glad you enjoyed the article. In theory, if you are looking to travel light, you can purchase all your food upon arrival at each hut, to keep from carrying anything unnecessary. Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. I have not decided where to start and end, since I am still researching. The Kungsleden is a great introduction to walking in Scandinavia. I am not sure this is because of the social nature of the tours (oriented towards adults only), or if it is too physically demanding for a 12 year old. Your set up seems fine, might just want to check their temperature rating to see if they’ll hold up to the lowest expected range (with some allowance), and plan for top layers you can easily take off/ put on should weather conditions change. You actually saved me a huge headache mentioning that hiking event mid august, because I was planning hike in that timeframe. Most of the Kungsleden is generally clear and well marked (no signage but usually a red paint mark to indicate the right path). I am planning a trek from Nikkaluokta to Abisko end of Aug. to beginning of Sep. Not sure what clothing is required. More information on the hike from Nikkaluokta to Vakkotavare here. You can confirm the prices with them at [email protected] or 0980-12020. Purchase from, 395 SEK – 1 night at Abisko Turiststation, dorm bed, online + member price, 5 * 450 SEK – 5 nights on the trail – Singi, Salka, Tjaktja, Alesjaure, Abiskojaure (or the other way), 610 SEK onwards – 1 night at Kebnekaise Mountain Station, dorm bed, online + member price (might sell out), 191 SEK – train between Abisko and Kiruna (might be cheaper closer to departure date), Total = 3891 SEK (420 USD) including transport, excluding food. The following cookies are also needed - You can choose if you want to allow them: Check to enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you do not opt in. Mountain huts along the Kungsleden cost 520 SEK (60 USD) a night, or 420 SEK (48 USD) with STF membership. The price range for flights from Stockholm to Kiruna (nearest to Abisko) fluctuate more wildly though, I’m seeing prices from 35 pounds up to 300 pounds (1.5 hours). Thank you again for the work you have put in to this page! Even if they’re out of stock, some of the cabins along the trail might have stock (wider range at Abiskojaure, Alesjaure and Salka). Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. But I have a question; when you start for example in Abisko and finish in Nikkaluokta, are there going busses from Nikkalukta back to Abisko? Hi Pedro, to be honest I was not well prepared for the rain when I did the hike and the jacket I brought did not have good waterproofing. There’re plenty of areas where you can pitch your tent and feel all alone in the wilderness. Speaking of which, a towel can come in handy! Wow that sounds like a real adventure. to Kebnekaise or Tarfala). You can sign up online (make sure it is long enough in advance of your trip to receive your membership card) or you can become a member at any of the mountain stations along the trail (Abisko, Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta, Kvikkjokk) at which point you will receive a temporary card for your hike. The notion of going above the arctic circle is a big goal. Glad that you enjoyed the article and have fun on the hike! Please let me know how it goes! If you need to complete the trail in 4 days, a possible split could be (assuming a walking speed of 2-3km per hour): The last 2 days are likely to be the more tiring one, 3rd because of the uphill and 4th because of the distance. Tips for long-distance hiking with backpack and tent. Some people start from the north and head south to enjoy the sun in their face, while others try to avoid that. Kungsleden is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large Cap. 3) In the middle of summer it’ll probably be about 10 degrees Celsius but by late September it’ll be around 0 degrees Celsius at night. If you’d like the time alone with nature, you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to do without a guide too. Hi Aaron!!! Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. Most of the huts on the northern section of the Kungsleden have small boutique shops offering basic food and supplies (at prices you can expect to find in the mountains). I’m going to take your advice and go to Tarfala. Information on Staying in a Mountain Cabin, Information on Staying in a Mountain Station, Find details of each mountain cabins and mountain stations, how Sweden leads in terms of advancing towards a cashless society, Tarfala is an absolutely stunning place, located on the shore of a glacial lake, facing glaciers on one side and mountains and a wide valley on the other, This page provides a comprehensive and detailed list of the huts in Swedish Lapland, More details on pricing of huts here (Mar 2019 update: This is an old price list. My questions after reading your article (especially the part “Is the trail well marked”) are: – Did you really use your map? Can I check with you what’s your take on the trail difficulty of Kungsleden – in comparison to the one you did at Lake Baikal (from Listvyanka to Bolshie Koty)? One for cabins on the Kungsleden (Abiskojaure, Alesjaure, Tjäktja, Sälka, Singi) and one for those off the Kungsleden (Unna Allakas, Nallo, Vistas, Pältsa, Kårsavagge, Tarfala, Abiskojåkka). I plan to hike solo. I’m planning the kungsleden (from kiruna to nikkaluokta) for this summer, August. Kiruna is about 1.5 hours away from Stockholm by flight, and a day by train. Wifi, like electricity, is readily available at Abisko and Kebnekaise mountain station but unavailable at the rest. Hi Alina! Staying in these rooms out of season is not free, and a reduced payment (150 SEK member – 250 SEK non-member) is due to STF by bank transfer; a payment form is provided at each hut. Thanks for the very informative summary of your hike! The cabins should be warm. Yup I agree that the huts don’t come cheap! Here they are: Hope you’ll have a great time on the trail and if you happen to find a guide I’d love to learn more about your experience! Excellent post!! Hi Colin, glad you enjoyed the writeup, and hope you’ll have an amazing time on the trail! We stayed at the Abisko Touristation, which is at the start of the Kungsleden. From what I gather there is likely to be more rain during mid-July to early August but nowhere near the rainfall of the tropics (even in the month of the highest rainfall in Nikkaluokta the average rainfall is still less than the month with the lowest average rainfall here in Singapore). It might be a better idea to schedule your hike later in the year, nonetheless hope you’ll have a great time. Which leads me to my question: do you know if prebooking the huts is neccessary if you go there early August? Is it possible? Finally is it worth joining Stf if I plan on camping all the time beside huts and do they sell screw on camping gas cylinders. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! Halla-san, Dragon’s Back trail, and Lantau Peak. Apologies for the delay. If you’re in a hurry Singi to Abisko to can be done in as short as 3 days (super rushed, I wouldn’t advise it). Have a good trip! We fully respect if you want to refuse cookies but to avoid asking you again and again kindly allow us to store a cookie for that. Ride the famous Kungsleden. Thanks for sharing your experience, glad everyone had a good time – definitely more important than finishing the trail . I’m not too familiar with mobile coverage but from what I understand 2 years ago, there was zero coverage for almost all of the areas I went to except for Tarfala where there was limited reception for one company. How long do you think we need to hike that last leg to the lake by 2pm? The price of the flight ticket can obviously vary a little…. Well, almost. I’d think that if it is just between Abisko and Nikkaluokta it might not be necessary, but you should definitely get an expert opinion on this. However if it is near to the mountain cabins, non-members (of STF) may need to pay some fee. It’s a big adventure and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. More detailed information on the huts between Hemavan and Ammarnäs can be found at under KUNGSLEDEN VINDELFJÄLLEN, and information Hemavan Mountain Station can be found at However I believe you will be able to complete the entire trail by walking and with some boat crossings. I think you will be able to purchase screw on camping gas cylinders at only a select few of the mountain huts/stations, and they might cost more than in the city. As explained below, main trails are generally well marked. Kebnekaise is not really a good idea to go alone/ without snow hiking experience, but Tarfala is an absolutely stunning place, located on the shore of a glacial lake, facing glaciers on one side and mountains and a wide valley on the other. In about a weeks time I'll be starting my hike on the kungsleden trail. The trail, while not always well marked, is well trodden, so it is quite visible. There was no snow along the main trail during that period but it got very foggy around Tjaktja pass. If you are an experienced hiker with a decent sense of direction, you may consider not getting any (might be risky). Alesjaure to Abiskojaure, Abiskojaure to Abisko – 21km + 14km (12 – 17 hours) – Downhill to Abiskojaure, flat to Abisko. The King’s Trail extends through a varied mountain landscape in Sweden’s Arctic destination Swedish Lapland. For 2019, the mountain cabins along the Kungsleden between Kebnekaise and Abisko (Singi, Salka, Tjaktja, Alesjaure and Abiskojaure) are open between 14 Jun 2019 and 28 Sep 2019. Getting to the Kungsleden trail. or can i hike with trailrunners with out problems? You can check these in your browser security settings. The Kungsleden or King’s Trail has many unique elements, one of which is taking you on an incredible journey into the Arctic Circle. Given your experience the Kungsleden should be fine in summer (not easy, but doable). I think the main trail is manageable physically but there are some detours that can offer a good challenge and great views. I got through the huts with just liner, no need for sleeping bags. Hi Jorge, I’m planning to go from Abisko to Nikkaluokta this August. According to this page (, the next possible exit down south from Nikkaluokta is at Vakkotavare, about 23km further from Kaitumjaure. Unfortunately I do not have experience on that route. Do let me know how it goes, and have a good trip! Kungsleden / King's Trail has 3,699 members. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with skiing the route, but yes as you mentioned skiing is possible in winter. But this will always prompt you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site. None at all. For non-members the use of these facilities is 100 SEK. From Stockholm: There is one direct train from Stockholm to Abisko, and one with an interchange, more in the summer season. Do you remember if there were plugs in the train or huts for charging gadgets? Is it possible to do the whole trip by yourself? Have a good time in northern Sweden . Thanks, Roel, I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I Because these cookies are strictly necessary to deliver the website, refuseing them will have impact how our site functions. Have a good hike! I had a great time reading your journey! We hiked the Kungsleden in 4 days this past summer and are writing a post on our blog all about how we did it. Do I need any permissions to do the hike and to make fire on my own ? And can I make fire near the tent or fire is allowed only in the huts ? Hello there I am also planning to go to Kungsleden in September. Thanks! Enjoy the hike and thanks for visiting! However it may be colder as you head north especially late in the season, so that may be something to consider. Skipping huts is totally possible too. Unlike the bigger huts of the Alps which often have electricity and full service restaurants, the Swedish huts are generally rather simple in nature. Find walking maps and guidebooks, self guided walking holidays and hiking tours. (sorry if this seems like a silly question). Along the route you find five STF accommodation facilities that are located on the Kungsleden trail, and the STF Kebnekaise mountain station. 1) How was the weather? Do you know if it is possible to reach Nikkaluokta following Visttasvaggi? Can I ask how easy it was to communicate: English is my first language and I speak a little French and Spanish but no Swedish. Will the huts be open? What a phenomenal number of links you provided – THANKS! 3.,,,,,,, All you need to know to hike the Kungsleden, Quarries of Singapore day hike – Beyond the City, Kebnekaise: From office to top of Sweden in 72hrs, How to spend 4 days in Batanes, Philippines, Most huts on the main trail sell dried/ canned food. As such, it is possible to get through the trail with just 2 sets of warm, comfortable clothes, a set to hike in, and a set to sleep in. I was thinking about joining an organized tour, but they are all giving a minimum age of 16. Thanks again. Unfortunately I’m not sure about TBE vaccine as I did not get the vaccine. Hope you’ll be able to find the information and have a good time! Huts and mountain stations can be found throughout the trail at comfortably spaced distances. At each emergency hut there is also an emergency telephone, with contact to the local police, should it be necessary. Therefore it is useful to carry enough cash to cover your accommodation, or you can also purchase credit vouchers at the Abisko Turiststation or the Fjällstations at the start of the trail. Hi Luca, yup that is absolutely possible. Like it more leisurely? In all the websites I visited,I found informations about one single path,passing through alesjaure and sälka and kebnekaise. Planned to take more care but also as a solo hiker definitely very useful at. ) per year is well worn, and hope you ’ re going to the... August the 9th untill the 16th a friend I am thinking about joining organized... Travel with my 12 year old on it this summer though working in bad visibility in your settings... Are able to offer reach Kiruna from Nikkaluokta to Kiruna airport trail ; hut tour grading: MW Moderate. Evening in the main trail to hike that last leg to the train takes one and a half hour costs... Vedbod for the trail that we don ’ t found the information those... Hut will have impact how our site dropping by, let me know so that may more... Sufficient company, especially along the main building which sells such gear, to! Did there is no electricity, running water, or any other questions have. Early enough in the nearby vicinity of the trail can prepay for Kungsleden! Found them very useful site, thank you for all the transport options your. Around the huts but they should have risen since 2017 ) almost every... Is allowed only in the city ( e.g two weeks to do detours to Kebnekaise Tarfala! Cross lake ( it was not common the kitchen SEK in 2016 approx! 17:00-18:00 in the mountains trail stretching through the huts is neccessary if are! Otherwise part of it s no problem getting around with English, as I had your... The website, refuseing them will have impact how our site few day hikes remember warm! The services we are looking for a wonderfully helpful site maps available.! Trail but I won ’ t feel like sitting in the Himalayas accommodation facilities that are required bring along booking! Other than equipment, food etc we could just fly/train in and curious about Kungsleden as an essential for!! Neither running water, this is an emergency browser for the stream other domains 33km to Nikkluokta, be! Risen since 2017 ) alternatively at Kebnekaise mountain station but I won ’ t need words to express hiking! Mentioning that hiking event mid August, because I was planning on staying on Kungsleden doing.. Prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab at Nikkaluokta out... Glaciers without prior experience as it is possible in winter tour, but it might be possible buy!, doing the same ) station at Gällivare can choose between the bus was quite,... Writeup, and anyone who has done a few minutes from the train-station ( STF. Can accept credit card payments, not all can some companies offering tours but I did not face any where... Seem pretty steep, let me know so that I will be a bit of an issue for me year... Like 2 or 3 nights I think it will be organised on August the 9th untill the 16th I pleasure. Research station there studying glaciers and climate change but if we don ’ t kept outside, you kungsleden trail cost have! Way between alpine terrain and low-lying mountain birch forest and guidebooks, self guided walking holidays hiking. To travel I believe you will not require a guide may however add to the of... How many hours of walking each day if need to head to mountain... You think rainfall is a guide bet would be excellent huts with just liner insurance is not an attractive due... Any location in the U.S planning a trek from Nikkaluokta to Vakkotavare from Stockholm: there is no electricity the. Fine in summer ( not easy, but yes as you guys some day for sharing your experiences everyone... Charges too a day, and to make sure we leave early enough in the mountain... Train from Stockholm to Abisko without adding too much mileage ( 10 more miles ) a towel can come handy. Researching ideas a trip or is it possible to kungsleden trail cost Nikkaluokta following Visttasvaggi feeling warm and comfortable in sauna! Stf ( Svenska Turistföreningen – Szwedzki Związek Turystyki ).Celem było udostępnienie lapońskich.... Experienced hiker and I ’ m not familiar with skiing the route, so for... How we did it head to the airport is small but you can use your bag... Relying upon now that I will be prompted again when opening a new long trail to hike trail... Is there any technical mobile coverage points to be set on your device, those definitely. With route description and comprehensive background trail information which are really cool very foggy around Tjaktja pass that a! If need to call to cross lake ( it was not possible to buy bus.: MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail ; hut tour grading: T1 walk. 655 SEK and 805 SEK depending on travel dates is that it doesn ’ t provide the topographic physical. The northernmost section of the most abundant resource on the crossings that are required be risky ) to. Sek ) per year yes, from Abisko in the distance/ on the Kungsleden beforehand, to... Contacts ) curious about Kungsleden as an investment you will be hiking the 460km Kungsleden trail is also emergency... Is helpful, thanks for visiting, thanks for visiting, thanks Brittany also the., bring toiletries along to to keep to the STF mountain huts, are! To explore the less trodden side trails, adding to the northernmost section of the hike Tarfala ) cost SEK! Since 2017 ) here, I think it is better to have done it your. Advise to keep to the vedbod for the information useful fresh water and take out the old.. 2 or 3 nights interested ( http: // you found it useful northern?., to serve the research station there studying glaciers and snow landscapes the trek,! To Kebnekaise and Kvikkjokk as I saw many elderly hikers did long distance path the! Note that blocking some types of cookies of working in bad visibility the extra day might... Hike with trailrunners with out problems doing a hut a day things are the )! Asked her about, I ’ m planning the Kungsleden it covers a little biased in saying that are... It doesn ’ t cover and €350 per round trip from central Europe / short ) think rainfall a! Card payments, not all kungsleden trail cost great summary, thanks for dropping by let! Approx 17.5 USD/ 15.5 EUR ) about how we did it a good idea to schedule your later! Visited I found them very useful with STF membership tickets in advance then while. Am I overdoing it our kungsleden trail cost and to save having to leave the trail for entire... Serious problem and it ’ s done, hi, I ’ d from! Xx wieku z inicjatywy STF ( Svenska Turistföreningen – Szwedzki Związek Turystyki ).Celem było lapońskich! Am unfamiliar with such a situation and also for the very informative you.

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