While installing the fence, place them at a minimum height of 18 inches which will neither allow the porcupine to crawl through it nor jump over it. Bait the trap with a yummy snack like peanut butter and sunflower seeds and wait it out. A hardware cloth bury is without question, a lot of back-breaking work and was the only sure method available to stop digging dogs, skunks, armadillos and other wildlife until Dig Defence® was invented. Porcupines are not jumpers, so it doesn’t have to be that tall. Fencing porcupines from small tree plantings, orchards and gardens can be done with some small alterations. If you have a deck, make sure that porcupines cannot crawl beneath it by fencing it off or using wire to block its entry. As soon as the trigger arm gets hooked to the door, you will know it. provide tips for safe, effective, and responsible wildlife removal. Using Fences. They can be a real problem when they start invading your yard and the trees in your garden. Porcupine is a silent rodent that have strong teeth and incredible claws. Porcupines have a taste for salt, succulent plants, fruits, vegetables, woodend tool handles, wooden wheel barrow handles, boat oars, porch furniture, toilet seats, saddles, tires or anything else which may have had salt on them or some other mineral. These quills are around several inches in length. Since porcupine can be dangerous to handle you should take proper precautions when trapping then in a live trap. So, make sure you block them off by fencing your property and garden including all the plantation flower plants, tall trees, etc. One of the most effective ways to keep porcupines out of your yard is to build a fence to keep them out. You can even use moths and cotton balls soaked in the sprays to make them more effective towards deterring the porcupines. If you come closer or try to touch, these animals can stick you with more than a dozen quills instantly. Saltwater soaked cloth, sponge, wood or leather, Fresh bark, leaves, veggie scraps such as pumpkin, carrot, or turnip, Pick the trap calmly without making any noise, Put a towel or a paper over it to avoid scaring the animal, Also keep yourself protected from any injury from a porcupine by wearing padded clothing and gloves, Ultrasonic machines generate particular frequency sound and light to repel and scare porcupines away as they are very disturbing for the animals but not humans, Chemical sprays (like fox scent sprays) can be sprayed on plants and trees keep the porcupines on the bay because of their peculiar smell or taste. If possible, try setting up the porcupine traps on days with mild temperature and favorable weather conditions. Apparently it effects animals because they have salivary glands, but not birds (which don't). Neither should you stop planting trees for fear of porcupines. A good fence is highly effective in preventing porcupines from entering your space. In case you think that the situation is getting out of control and you can’t handle it individually, the professionals to help porcupine control is just a call away. Fencing is a fool proof method for keeping porcupines out and away from your yard. Wildlife Animal Control is an educational resource for nuisance animal issues. Once you know about all these possible areas, you can put your live traps for porcupines there. It doesn’t have to be high, just ensure that you install an electric wire around the fence and even to the ground- this will deter the animal. In some areas, chipmunks, porcupines and voles develop a taste for vegetables. Now prepare the trap by pushing the door lock and pulling the door plate up. Below is a guideline with tips and a few product recommendations which will hopefully help you lure and capture a porcupine away. The Best Fencing To Protect Against Small Predators. todd heyn # Posted: 2 Apr 2012 06:12 Reply You can go with a white picket fence or even a wire mesh fence, but whichever one you go with, make sure that it goes at least a foot above and below ground. Additionally, you should not get in contact with the animal bodily fluids like saliva – they may carry illness like rabies or bacteria that can be harmful to you. Gardens should also be fenced. How to Get Rid of Porcupines: For backyards, gardens, and areas up to 3,000-4,000 square feet: The Yard Gard and Solar Yard Gard are ultrasonic pest control devices that repel a number of unwanted creatures, including porcupines. If any other animal gets captured in the trap, that you don’t want to get rid of, you should release them. You could try to deter porcupines by sprinkling cayenne pepper on the wood, or painting the wood with a pepper-water solution. You will mostly find them in trees, chewing wood. Hardware cloth is strong enough to keep animals from ripping through the fencing or crawling through. When the animal gets captured in the cage trap it becomes stressed, weak and dehydrated very quickly. Basic steps can help initially, like wire fencing put around trees, but the fencing can damage the tree eventually, and is not practical if you have more than a handful on the property. Discouraging Opossums from your yard....although we don't know why you would want to... Opossums regularly consume insects, snails, worms, rats, mice, and carrion. Typically two by three-inch fencing, galvanized or plastic-coated for resistance to the weather, will exclude woodchucks, raccoons and opossums, but not small rodents. In this situation trapping and controlling it can be a real challenge. After reaching a distant location, cautiously open the trap and release the animal in the wild. Since they like salt and usually feed on barks they can easily bring your vegetation, garden trees and yard furniture under threat. Exclusion . Completely enclose small trees with wire baskets or wrap the trunks of valuable larger trees with 30-inch bands of aluminum flashing at the base. Porcupines in trees cause significant damage and can open trees up to diseases and insect infestations. Electric fencing around orchards, plantations and gardens will keep porcupines away. With that said, porcupines cannot shoot these needle-like sharp quills aggressively with a force. This unique feature of the sharp quills or spines is what makes them dangerous for you and your family (including your pets). Live trapping is in fact a securest and efficient way to keep these animals at bay without making them any harm. You can catch the porcupines with a homemade wooden box trap or can use a cage-trap that comes with large commercial wire traps. You should therefore also look at the tree base for their droppings, in the morning, which are in the form of small pellets. Read on to learn how to build this deer-proof electric fence. It appears to be different from others (in his family) due to its unique features and spines that covers all his body. Fencing is really expensive and it requires a lot of maintenance, but if you have a lot of problems with animals eating your vegetation, flowers and garden it may be worth spending the money. This is important as it will help you to use the right bait and techniques that are specifically mean for capturing the porcupine. Instagram / rachelevolve If keeping away pests and animals from your garden is your biggest concern, this two-story metal and wire fence can serve that purpose. You should therefore try to relocate them as soon as possible. We also provide professional service in over 600 locations. Share the post "How to Lure and Capture A Porcupine – In a Live Trap? Fencing is really expensive and it requires a lot of maintenance, but if you have a lot of problems with animals eating your vegetation, flowers and garden it may be worth spending the money.

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