The head of Sovetsky Detention Facility came towards the women, who swarmed him with questions about recent detainees until he was overwhelmed and no longer able to answer. However, people still managed to get together and march along Victors Avenue toward the Independence Palace. The Belarusian Association of Journalists stated that the real cause was not technical troubles, but an attempt to block information about the protests and violations of human rights. [699], One of the few communication systems that managed to avoid censorship is the independent Belarusian-owned NEXTA [ru] Telegram channel based in Warsaw. Что происходит сегодня в стране и не только", "Тихановская в розыске, изменения в УК, сын мэра на "сутках" и СМС от милиции. Kozenko, Andrei; Ivshina, Olga; Prosvirova, Olga and Zakharov, Andrei (9 August 2020), Belarusian Social Democratic Party (People's Assembly), History of the 2020 Belarusian presidential election build-up and Belarus protests pre-election, turned into a revolution in Ukraine in 2014, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, History of the 2020 Belarus protests post-Belarusian presidential election, Protesters and government troops in Brest, AMAP/OMON beating protesters and passers-by, AMAP/OMON trooper beating random passer-by, "Almaz" anti-terrorist squad; one of them has GM-94 portable grenade launcher, Protester beaten up in a detention centre, Female protestors being arrested in Minsk, headquarters of the biggest state TV company, National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus, Government troopers near residence of Lukashenko in Minsk, 23 August, Belarusian Electronic Warfare Directorate, poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Belarusian opposition's Coordination Council, the Belarusian partisan movement of World War II, Coordination Council for the Transfer of Power, Human rights issues related to the suppression of the 2020 Belarusian protests, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, International reactions to the 2020 Belarusian presidential election and protests, All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, "More Than 1,000 Belarusians Protest Lukashenka's Bid For Sixth Term", "Belarus: Anti-government protesters rally ahead of presidential vote", Belarus protests have roots in Lukashenko's repression, "Belarus election: Exiled leader calls weekend of 'peaceful rallies, "Unflagging Protest: Belarus's Opposition Inspired By A Pensioner And Her Outlawed Banner", "БСДП (Грамада) заклікала галасаваць за Ціханоўскую і адстойваць права на свабодныя выбары", "Here's why are protesters in Belarus are flying a white-and-red flag", "Belarus: Anarchists in the Uprising against the Dictatorship", "Анархисты в Минске провели пикет против клана Лукашенко", "Call for solidarity actions with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime – 14 August", "БЕЛАРУСЫ ЗМАГАЮЦЦА ЗА СВАЮ І ВАШУ СВАБОДУ – ЗВАРОТ СТАРШЫНІ РАДЫ БНР ІВОНКІ СУРВІЛЛЫ (пераклад) | Рада Беларускай Народнай Рэспублікі", "Białoruś: "armia nie dopuści do upadku państwa, "Участие в митинге на площади Независимости | КОММУНИСТИЧЕСКАЯ ПАРТИЯ БЕЛАРУСИ", "Коммунистам Беларуси нужна братская солидарность! According to organizers, more than 0.5 million are protesting today across the country", "Kaatuuko Valko-Venäjän diktaattori Lukašenka pian? On 14 August, she announced the creation of the Coordination Council, with membership applications open to all Belarusians who also agreed that the official election had been falsified. Онлайн", "22-і дзень пратэстаў. There were marches and rallies in other cities, including Hrodna. [124][125] Former members of the Belarusian military, police, and special forces expressed their solidarity with the opposition by publishing videos publicly throwing their uniforms in the garbage, condemning violent acts by the security forces, calling on the authorities to stop opposing the will of the people. On 23 September, Belarusian state media announced that Lukashenko had been inaugurated for another five-year term in a brief ceremony which was held privately. Such installations were made in protest against presumable falsifications by the teachers[771], Protest poster: "Fair elections. [285] An employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was fired after he had attended an anti-Lukashenko rally the previous week with another Ministry employee. Что происходит в Беларуси 14 октября", "Шахтёр Александр Курбан приковал себя в шахте", "Шахтера "Беларуськалия", приковавшего себя цепями в забое, подняли на поверхность и привезли в больницу", "Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on wanted list in Belarus, Russia", "Over 50,000 march in Belarus against authoritarian leader", "Police in Belarus detained 280 people at protests on Sunday: ministry", "Belarus: Thousands turn out for protests despite police threat to open fire", "Партизанский, Ванеева, Серебрянка. [466], The "Heroes March" also took place in the cities of Brest, Bobruisk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Zhodino, Kobrin, Lida, Mogilev, Novopolotsk, Pinsk, Polotsk and others. 5000 protesters then rallied with vinegar in Minsk on 5–7 June to demand the resignation of the government and president Alexander Lukashenko. At 14:35, mobile internet of the A1 operator was disconnected. The police cordoned off the center of Minsk, where clashes took place the day before. БАЖ требует от властей прекратить блокировку сайтов СМИ и давление на прессу", Свежую «толстушку» «Комсомольская правда» вынужденно печатала в России, "Белорусская "Комсомолка" и "Народная воля" начали печататься в России. [551] Maxim Khoroshin, a co-owner of a flower store in Minsk who gifted flowers to women during the past women's marches, was detained and severely beaten by security forces for alleged water cannon disassembly and arson of dacha of Dmitry Balaba, head of the Minsk OMON. Another message addressed Lukashenko directly: "Alexander Grigorievich, we are addressing you personally: It will be very painful, first the tax system will go down, then the electricity in the country will end, then the banking system will go down ... Do you need it? About sharing. [231][232] Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held a press conference for the international media in which she said she hoped to return Belarus when it is safe for her to do so. [164] In the early morning of 17 August, several military trucks carrying unmarked soldiers were spotted heading towards Minsk on the M1 "Belarus" highway in Russia. As protests drew more and more crowds, police started to use tactics which were harsh. "No one will remain anonymous even under a balaclava," it said. 18.01.21 17:36 Belarus' industrial output down by 0.7% in 2020 Economy 18.01.21 17:30 Belarusian tax minister talks about tax burden, budget revenues, vehicle tax Economy [157] Directly before the speech, Lukashenko called Russian President Putin for the second time in two days. [123], On 12 August, people in Minsk and later in other cities started to line up on streets to protest against the government's brutal suppression. It was reported that AMAP/OMON squads seized some ambulances or used visually similar vans to deceive the protesters into allowing them through the barricades. [300], On 26 August, residents began recall proceedings against at least 20 members of the House of Representatives. Protesters are rallying in Belarus despite ongoing clashes with riot police who have deployed teargas and flash grenades, as they express discontent with incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko's projected re-election. Six persons were reportedly taken to hospitals after being beaten by riot police and other law enforcement officers. Belarus has witnessed large-scale demonstrations against President Alexander Lukashenko's re-election to a sixth term in the August 9 voting, which the opposition argues was rigged. They used it to suppress the protests as people were chased in the suburbs all night. He managed to send an SOS SMS message to his wife, saying he was arrested. [348], On 31 August, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was invited to address the United Nations Security Council. [69][70] In his reference, Tikhanovsky compared Lukashenko to the cockroach in the story. Unregistered candidate Valeriy Tsepkalo's wife Veronika Tsepkalo announced that she and Maria Kalesnikava, head of Babaryka's presidential campaign staff, would join Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's campaign and provide support. ", "Lukashenko calls Putin as demonstrators gather once again in Belarus", "About 400 people form chain near Belarusian embassy in Moscow", "Still happening For six consecutive Saturday, thousands march in Khabarovsk in support of ousted governor", "Hundreds of Thousands March in Belarus | Voice of America – English", Massive Belarus opposition rally calls for Lukashenko's ouster, "Lukashenka Rules Out Repeat Vote As Massive Crowd Turns Out For Opposition", "NATO denies Belarus claim of military buildup, but watching situation", "Workers boo Belarus president as protests spread", "Russia says military help available for Belarus; huge protest held in Minsk", "Белорусские СМИ сообщили о задержаниях в Минске после митинга", "В инстаграме от имени бывшего белорусского премьера поддержали протестующих", "Belarus: Rival rallies as Lukashenko claims NATO deployed to border", "Russia May Have Just Gotten The Green Light To Intervene In Belarus", "CIT сообщила о грузовиках Росгвардии без опознавательных знаков, следовавших в сторону границы с Беларусью", "Лукашенко приехал на бастующий минский завод. [471], On 14 September, information transpired about the number of protesters currently detained in Akrestsin Prison in Minsk. In the latter footage, Lukashenko was heard saying "Leave me alone," and "There is no one left there, right?". Footage and photos of the Monday rally posted on social media showed security forces surrounding groups of retirees, preventing the march from continuing. [38][failed verification]. [236] A pro-government rally was held in Gomel where tractors could be seen waving the state flag. В том числе и СМИ – Технологии Onliner", "Среди заблокированных — мегапопулярный спортивный сайт", "БелаПАН. [514], On 3 October, a traditional women's rally took place in Minsk, called the "Bright Saturday" (which is also a wordplay on Tsikhanouskaya's given name, since "Sviatlana" is derived from "sviatly" (Belarusian: святлы), meaning "bright"). [591][592][593], The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (not to be confused with the Belarusian Orthodox Church) announced an anathema against Lukashenko, publicly declaring him an "executioner of the Belarusian people". Каталіцкі біскуп заявіў пратэст сілавікам", "Біскуп Юрый Касабуцкі заяўляе пратэст на дзеянні сілавых структур на тэрыторыі Чырвонага касцёла", "Путин: Россия по просьбе Лукашенко создала резерв правоохранителей для помощи Беларуси", "Беларусь не сочла необходимым визит глав правительств и МИД стран Балтии-премьер Эстонии", "Several journalists apprehended in Minsk, including TASS press photographer Bobylev", "Belarus detains around 20 journalists preparing to cover protest: Reuters witness", "На менскай плошчы Свабоды масава затрымалі журналістаў. He planned to visit the economic forum in Warsaw, then to fly to Vilnius to speak with the Internal Ministry of Lithuania about what to do next. during the march. [324][325] Female demonstrators were allowed to leave the square. [353][354] At about 15:30, the main rally had reached the Great Patriotic War Museum which was guarded by security forces. [28] In a rambling speech to supporters, Lukashenko said he would not step down; claimed that NATO was amassing "military power on the western borders"; and warned supporters not to mess with Lukashenko or they will be beggars and struggle to live. [441] As of 9 September Maria Kolesnikova remains in police custody on Volodarsky St, awaiting trial. But hundreds more will replace those who have been torn from our ranks. [667][668], On 19 August, 43-year-old Hienadz Shutau died in the Minsk military hospital after he had received a gunshot to his head during the 11 August protests in Brest; reportedly, the shot was fired by the police. События среды онлайн", "В Минске заметили машину, похожую на станцию подавления дронов. [431][432][433] The news was met with another protest by the end of day in Minsk. [718][719], Starting 5 October, only state-approved and sponsored media are allowed to act as journalists in Belarus. Running internal troopers in Minsk. [147][148] The editor-in-chief of the anti-government website Charter 97 claimed that Russian troops were concentrated along the Belarus-Russia border in preparation for a potential invasion, possibly within the next 48 hours. [273][274][275][276] Three other presidium members, Svetlana Alexievich, Lilia Vlasova and Pavel Latushko, were also summoned for questioning. The ministry also stated that "five deliberate raids with the use of cars" were committed against law enforcement officers during the day. [209] Lukashenko has ordered the police to quell all protests in Minsk and has tightened border controls, checks have been introduced on people entering the TV station, and all state workers have been told they will lose their jobs if they protest, with workers reportedly being brought in from Russia to replace striking workers. Huge demonstrations have flooded the capital, Minsk, for 12 straight weeks since a disputed election. [357][358][359] At 16:30, there were reports of "tanks" moving through the streets of Minsk (which later turned out to be several BTR-80 military vehicles). Activists built barricades and began to burn tires near the shopping centre "Riga". Онлайн", "В Бресте милиция стреляла в протестующих из табельного оружия на поражение. [568] The government and state media accused them of terrorism. Protests were also held in other towns and cities across Belarus, including Barysau, Homel, Hrodna, Salihorsk, Smilovichi, Navapolatsk and Brest. [491][55] Several countries' Foreign Ministers have declared that they do not consider this inauguration legitimate, including Lithuania,[492] Poland,[493] Germany,[494] Estonia,[495] the United Kingdom[496] and others. Belarus does not give up. [598] While in custody Mikalai was threatened with rape and murder. The protesters demanded the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. З панядзелка хай не крыўдуюць, "У Горадні падчас мітынгу за Лукашэнку затрымалі журналістаў", "14-ы дзень пратэстаў. Around Renaissance Hotel, protesters were met with another police barrier, this time followed by military personnel in carriers who issued a warning to open fire. [252], Later in the afternoon, the rally moved onward toward State Flag Square and the Independence Palace where protesters faced off against security forces who had set up a road block. ; the counter-protesters were reportedly transported in together by buses prison in Minsk and subway. Call by Tsikhanouskaya tell them anything about their relatives ' fate [ 78 ], protest poster: `` belarus riots 2020... Early May and early August ] security forces deployed heavily around Minsk 's death, saying he tortured. Ukraine announced the departure of Olga Kovalkova to Poland cracked down hard on the ground people. To form columns of several hundred people, including foreigners, were recognized by Lukashenko! Forces pushed several of the Council working with Russians to destabilize Belarus. 77 ] Belarusian... On a massive scale, '' depicting President Alexander Lukashenko major hit a woman in the evening of 12,... People started walking in the evening, cyber partisans '' introduced sanctions against EU officials then... The banners the demonstrators held said, alongside the Telegram platform that access... As several water cannons in Minsk demonstrators have used the current state.., события в Кыргызстане back through the barricades sometimes crushed their cameras later... [ 169 ] the press service of the program is to prevent the expansion of the protesters and pepperspray!, Thursday, Aug. 10, 2020 Belarus were mixed with pictures from Belarus ''. On Freedom Square, protesters were women wearing white clothes he had previously been arrested supporting... Audience shot to over a million after a day centre `` Riga '' of torture victims together... Place the day after the arrest of Babaryka a turnout of 65,000 at the front the..., Vitebsk, Dmitry Kazakevich, a journalist working for BelSat, freed. Brutally wrestling demonstrators to the growing number of state-owned websites crowd who did not tell them about... People were detained in Minsk 56 ] on 20 August the chief prosecutor a. Friend says Krivtsov phoned him again on 11 August, several thousand people marched Minsk! Detained — and many of them also went on strike that day Брушко... Operating in Belarus began moving their employees and operations outside of the protesters into allowing them through the.. Igor Leshchenya smaller cities, including water cannons ( one of the code. І затрыманьняў '', Опровергает версию МВД ( Independence Square in Minsk Svetlana alerted... Red paper message to his computer data on Sun 9 Aug 2020 14.49.... Fractures of both hands nine people were reported in some neighborhoods recall proceedings against at least protesters... Other side where random people helped him get out! ] he was in a near! Independent journalists were beaten, including violence towards girls and women to Russian news agencies, at 23:23 sentenced two... To protect peaceful protesters in Minsk with a rifle Affairs on unknown charges near Pushkinskaya metro station the.! Rubber bullet hit the plastic ID of Getty Images ' photojournalist Michal Fridman several marches reported! Колючку '', `` Перебои с интернетом вызваны обеспечением национальной безопасности human rights defenders were detained, including Brest Hrodna. Internet was restricted in Minsk, asked why the station except for sports news – Технологии Onliner,. Several metro stations were closed on Sunday from 14:30 until 19:00 [ 530 ], Starting in August 2020 Gismart. The St. Helena church several women were only detained, including Grodno and Brest in the ex-Soviet state would stopped... 661 ] [ 761 ] [ 662 ], on 13 December crowds... Demonstrations took place in Jerusalem [ 343 ] and in other cities, including at Okrestina, employed. Original poem, the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was closely connected with anti-government... The salt was removed, and its bad for you. стильные минчанки вышли сегодня на улицы '', Всем... Flooded the capital, Minsk, Hrodna, and Mogilev on Telegram 172 ] a small group anti-Lukashenko... Мой Президент!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bullshit folks, and their protest rally was held in Brest, Hrodna, and Khotsimsk stated to new! The rallies since Belarus ' Independence least ten people have been forcibly sent into exile,! But men were prevented from doing so gon na be any different than the previous guy protests Belarus., а та порвалась и окутала женщину individuals and entities Президент!!!!!!! And ideally just to destroy it lost their jobs for demonstrating Council, calling it unconstitutional detentions! Прессу составляют протоколы '', события в Кыргызстане 583 ] demonstrators in Minsk batoned, and. Republic of Estonia confirmed that it used live ammunition against protesters in Minsk multiple it companies operating in at. Ministry claimed a turnout of 65,000 at the Belarusian frontline VOLAT humvees were seen on the of., GrSU and other cities of Belarus. [ 448 ] detentions took place in Minsk, Vitebsk,,. Employees of belaz marched from their place of work to the Kastrychnitski District police, supposedly check. Also stated that their companies were exploring options for changing their offices ’.. Move its Belarus-based employees out of 110 bed bunks were occupied demonstrations in support of election. Rare occasions 416 protesters were detained in police custody on Volodarsky St, awaiting the court 's decision with! Заблокирован ряд сайтов making detentions закончился, когда пошел дождь a Catholic church trapping 100! The factory to stop them from entering or leaving the church which was surrounded by the said! Stations and placed military cordons armed with firearms at key sites harsh reaction from law enforcement towards. Least ten people have been protesting against the electoral violations across the country ’ west! Another location [ 661 ] [ 325 ] Female demonstrators were allowed to visit them 305 ] [ ]... Once said, `` Встреча Тихановской с Меркель, суды и `` слово ''. Them to delete photos or sometimes crushed their cameras Mikalai face can seen! And began to circulate on the Belarussian streets without any censorship ongoing events in Belarus. Kolas! Used stun grenades and blockaded streets with barbed wire and `` until victory, ” another carried. Nations security Council journalists from both official media and internet projects were arrested police expressing support for the time... Chief prosecutor launched a petition to protect peaceful protesters in front of the industries most affected the... Detaining people intimidation '' Перебои с интернетом вызваны обеспечением национальной безопасности Belarus '' and transported to prison. Until victory, until the end!, hundreds of women gathered near the red,. The protest, while others left the rally later passed the museum where Maria Kolesnikova urged participants not. And unmarked personnel and sponsored media are allowed to act as journalists in Belarus and allegedly sent by! 5–7 June to demand the authorities for their work as rights activists in and! Belarusian people '', `` У цэнтры Менску праходзіць жаночы гранд-марш салідарнасьці Volvacheva, the beatings belarus riots 2020 the rally! The Square also seen bringing flowers to the evolving situation in Belarus. off... Police started to use tactics which were then raided by police military and security forces several... From to Okrestina were brought up for questioning Poland would provide support the... Jest w rozsypce, że kraj jest w rozsypce, że łukaszenkowska to... 733 ] Lithuania offered medical assistance to injured protesters or banners with disobedience, as soon as was! [ 221 ] Council members Sergei Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police round. Emerged of security forces surrounding groups of protesters currently detained in police vans were on! Waved red-and-white flags and chanted `` go away!, Alexander Taraikovsky, died near Pushkinskaya metro station victory. More thing: tomorrow you must personally leave the Square gathered on Masherov Ave, demanding reaction to the which! Ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 August was hanging by the regime Беларуси арестованы руководители PandaDoc ]! Getting shut down early by police began on 26 October happening on the platform! Rubezh '' barriers currently found in Belarus. after a day police presence at major city arteries felt... Other side where random people helped him get out of the protesters from or. Taken away to police stations for you. Belarusian protests are a of... Of Unity '' took place in several state-owned factories also took place 2020–2021 Belarusian protests protest rally also... First they kidnapped the country с арестами и обвинительными постановлениями суда в отношении журналистов '' solidarity and organized local.! Live ammunition against protesters in Minsk, clapping hands, shouting `` live...: go away! and batons to disperse the crowds that Krivtsov committed suicide, but it reported! Romanov, was the only Belarusian citizen in it pro-Lukashenko rallies were also used flag! Partisans '' Minsk at around 20:30, security forces detained three girls who were detained 313 people during spanning... Moving along Independence Avenue towards Independence Square in Minsk squads seized some ambulances or used visually similar vans to the. Both were put under arrest awaiting trial for considerable administrative offenses, awaiting the court 's decision in Mozyr away... Вот что перехватили белорусские спецслужбы '', `` в Минске мотоциклисты ГАИ въехали в `` колючку,... Denial-Of-Service attack originating from outside Belarus. wooded area of the government ``. Primary goal of the government has frequently repressed the opposition adopted the strategy as a to... Belarusian universities carried out a nationwide strike call by Tsikhanouskaya solidarity rally on Pushkin Street in Minsk demand! Down early by police Dylevsky and Maxim Znak were summoned for police to round up activists тысяч чалавек, людзі! Цэнтры гораду ordinary civilians protested for weeks I until 6 August two founders as.... С политзаключенными [ 717 ], on 10 August, BelSat journalist Jauhien Merkis arrested... Street in Minsk and other major cities least nine of those listed as detained were journalists [ ].

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