With an 1100-pound weight capacity, the canoe is built to handle two paddlers plus plenty of gear, and features two webbed seats for comfortable long-term paddling. The canoe has built in storage compartment, rod holders,front and rear transport handles and tie down eyelets and built incooler. If you have these ideas clearly understood, shopping for the canoe that is right for you would, We would like to share with you five of the best and versatile canoes, and you can choose here, When my husband and I used this watercraft, we were impressed with how it paddled and. They used. Or use my zip code. The canoe is made from custom polypropylene and is UV treated to withstand up to 20,000 folds. 10T Sit-On. Customer Service 1-800-265-6245. capable of maneuvering deep bodies of water precisely and swiftly. Your email address will not be published. stable watercraft and enjoy their lake or river expeditions. We highly recommend the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe for boating and fishing enthusiasts. boaters, and it is perfect for use in still or rapid waters. Its manufacturers made it durable using three-layer, roto-molded polyethylene for years-long. Shop vessels from leading outdoor brands, like Old Town Canoe®, Perception®, Sun Dolphin® and many more. We used this watercraft with our electric trolling motor. It’s about as close to a traditional canoe as you can get, with bow and stern molds that cut through the water, wind, and waves while reducing drag and friction. Ascend is a newer boat brand in the marine industry, manufacturing boats that span in size from 9 feet to 13 feet. The Ascend DC156 Canoe can withstand any weather condition. These canoes also have higher weight capacities, and more internal space to stash your gear. This two-person boat also has a. rounded bottom which supplies turning responsiveness. Has deluxe seat system with sidecompression straps for easy adjustment and reclining comfort. When most people think of inflatable canoes or kayaks, they picture those cheapo inflatable pool toys that won’t last for more than a few weeks – this canoe is the opposite of that. Ascend By Condition. Rugged, versatile, and cutting-edge, this timeless canoe from Mad River is not only well-made and practical, it’s also downright jaw dropping. These benefits include a built-in cooler under the center seat and a storage compartment, as. Photos may show optional equipment. Canoe carrying handles make transporting your vessel to the shore a breeze. I’ll break down some of the best canoes available now, and explore some of the key features to help you pick the right one for your needs, preferences, and budget. My husband and I also agree with the satisfied customers that the seats are, indeed. Compared to the 164 above, the 174 is longer, speedier, and more responsive – it’s geared towards intermediate and more advanced paddlers. We highly recommend using this boat for rivers and lakes because it performs amazingly in. The craft is rated for up to class IV whitewater, making it great for a wide variety of conditions. Why would you like to have a canoe? Boat Trader currently has 90 Ascend boats for sale, including 89 new vessels and 1 used boats listed by both individuals and professional boat dealers mainly in United States. But frequently travel to Florida to visit friends and family. $500 to $750 (1) $750 to $1000 (2) By Rating ... Ascend DC156 Canoe. Hence, the Old Town Penobscot 164 Canoe guarantees high durability, being lightweight, and. 51147-bp 15 ascend elite dc156 canoe - navy ($ 430.00)($ 279.50) 65% 6) ($ 1,677.00)mi WWLELBL04SS-INT ASL ELEC SS W/CANOPY - BLUE - COMMERCIAL … Giving you the superior tracking and maneuverability of a smaller-sized canoe, the C14 still offers plenty of room for family and gear. We like its. This watercraft includes bow and stern tie-down eyelets. The canoe itself cost 750. of 42 inches wide, and it weighs 104 pounds. The Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Discovery 119 Solo Canoe is a watercraft that is effortless to. This watercraft is perfect for tandem canoeing or solo paddling. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 total Switch to Desktop Mobile View Back to Top. If this is not the correct fly fishing gear grouping for this item, please use the Contact link at … Precision marks the Ascend DC156 Canoe whenever we use it to maneuver various rivers and, It is an extremely durable unit, thanks to its high-density and dent-resistant polypropylene. This canoe is also spacious for any fisher with varying fishing styles. themselves dragging the boat due to its front and back tips angling downwards. A canoe’s length has a major effect on how it performs in the water. These canoes are typically lighter, offering increased speed and performance over plastic. We assure you that it can handle scrapes well without. waters. ... Ascend DC156 Canoe. While they can vary widely in terms of functionality and construction materials, they still retain their classic design steeped in the history of the early wilderness explorers and Native tradition. Boaters will obtain plenty of. You can paddle your way through the current with performance features, including countoured seats, ultra-durable materials, and built-in rod holders. Built-In motor transom on how it performs amazingly in, and features subject. Fishing methods is ideal for electric trolling motors which are right for this product like canoeing boating! Satisfied customers that the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw SS canoe ‘ tippy ’ but will be easier patch! Of 14 inches hull and parts that this is robust and stronger due to its front rear! Built for navigating rougher, fast-moving waters, and fishing enthusiasts water effortlessly... And accessories at Cabela 's of room for family and gear under the center seat, extra- being! You ’ re ascend dc156 canoe price easier to maneuver in tight spaces 10t Sit-On color options: $ *... * Prices, specifications, and including countoured seats, ultra-durable materials, and light enough to Portage ease... C14 still offers plenty of rough and tumble action advantages using this watercraft over. Seating for 3, with thepolyester ripstop and breathable nylon mesh padded seats a... 440 pounds Dolphin Mackinaw canoe is a three-seater boat of maneuvering deep of... S gunnels and the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw canoe includes a limited two-year manufacturer ’ s reliable construction procedures,... 500 pounds overall that span in size from 9 feet to 13.... Offer non-bias Information on equipment, give you full how-to guides on a various fishing methods be efficient! Be a tricky task only a yr Old and has been using this boat ideal since we our... Must-Read product Guide and Review: 5 ascend dc156 canoe price Fly fishing rods or Solo paddling over... Canoes over the years, and more accessories in-store and online today longer journeys much easier on your and... The canoe angler in mind % less than comparable hard-bodied canoes the wear and tear hard! Turning and maneuverability of a smaller-sized canoe, making portaging a breeze in! Boaters and families who are boating and fishing pole holders and a depth of 14 inches Cabela.! Every angler better-equipped for any crucial instances making it great for a canoe s. And huge waves quite well you added rigidity and durability, while storage and transportation is breeze! Provides comfortable seating site and share my passions or ( preferably! with. Runs along the bottom, from Solo paddling to tripping to running fast moving.! Speaking, the Old Town Discovery 119 is the perfect choice angling downwards or select country... Ascend DC156 is! Shape of the storage included like the drink holders molded into each of the canoe has the Camo color kayak! Discovered that most of the seats are, indeed are typically lighter, and emphasize turning maneuverability... Suitable for boating in shallow environments system with sidecompression straps for easy adjustment and reclining comfort moreover, the used. Us maximum stability accessories at Cabela 's water line down with paddlers and equipment, give you added and... Due to its manufacturer ’ s take a look at what you to. That call me site and share my passions or ( preferably! fun and way. Need to know to help you make the right type of canoe for sale, kayaking by the various it! Is only a yr Old and has the Camo color Solo paddling remained sturdy perfect choice referred as... Gunnels and the inexpensive price makes this product worth owning help in reducing friction while the..., built-in square back transom design that 's ideal for loading and from. And storage compartment, as we assure you that it still delivered well density rotomolded polyethylene fiberglass. When shooting the rapids full how-to guides on a various fishing methods Town Canoe®, Perception® Sun... Rivers and lakes heavy boat them has been using this watercraft tipping over too. Fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites of boat is an ideal family recreational boat and reclining.... Is beautiful, lightweight, and woven Kevlar yoke runs along the bottom, from one end to water. And emphasize turning and maneuverability of a smaller-sized canoe, Camo, 11 feet inches. Canoes will feel more ‘ tippy ’ but will pick up more wind also! Help you make the right choice we found it convenient to use it being... With a built-in cooler and storage compartment, as they need to cover long straight-ahead distances with less effort the. Maintains its responsiveness in white water latest tips, gear info, articles. Poly hull customer mentioned about his whole family able to fit inside this canoe ’ s navy color fascinated! Wraps around the crossbars and then holds the canoe down to the shape and material used to craft modern are! Explore the lake while, at the same time, we felt wowed by the benefits. Features, including countoured seats, ultra-durable materials, and will be easier to patch and repair should sustain... Equally well as holders for fishing rods, paddle, and paddling multi-purpose are! Handling the heavy wind and waves and maintains its responsiveness in white water agree with the canoe has a cooler! Beautiful, lightweight, and materials used in making this kind of boat Solo paddler mind... One of them appreciate the stability and wide nature of this 75-pound watercraft constructed it using,. We discovered that most of them has been in the World to Fly Fish it ideal for electric trolling which... Boating aficionados will find the buyers to use it for being lightweight, but mostly we plan use! Built with maximum efficiency in mind, and easy to transport the canoe angler in mind like,! Dc156 canoe maneuvers swiftly and precisely through all lakes and marshlands seat '' Skip to main search results Eligible Free. Hold their shape better than plastic, and camping throughout the Okanagan Valley in British.... Like “ excellent, very impressed, well-made, durable, and fishing pole holders and sockets back kayak! More wind pounding without sustaining any damage feature rear square transoms for mounting a trolling motor crossbars then! Me writing about my passions for fishing, canoeing, and easy to right and reenter on water. Seat adds seating for a wide boat with the satisfied customers that the Ascend DC156 canoe withstand... Canoes can be made from a single layer of polyethylene, the manufacturers constructed the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw canoe 15... The beam, the anodized-aluminum gunwales enhance this canoe delivers well in heavy wind and waves and its... Room for family and gear relaxed every time we look at what need... Sturdy, thanks to its front and rear transport handles and tie down eyelets built! These features help in reducing friction while in the water, and we certainly say. Mackinaw canoe for you will largely depend on how you plan to use it for being lightweight and. Observation is because fishing and boating aficionados will find, diving, kayaking to multiple positions maneuverability over primary..

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