He explains that it is possible for someone to succeed in this because everyone tries to go further than faith alone. The knight of faith, however, walks a narrow path with no advisors and no one to understand him. Open Mobile Menu. He uses Shakespeare’s Richard III as an example of someone who was set aside from humanity due to physical deformity; his anger over this led him into demonic behavior through contempt for humanity. This is an excerpt about Abraham and Isaac from Soren Kierkegaard's 1843 book Fear and Trembling. Instead of looking at this from an ethical perspective (which will only condemn Abraham), we should look at it from an aesthetic perspective—especially in terms of what makes something interesting. The author mentions that she keeps solid food close by so the baby won’t starve to death. Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! Faith in God means believing that things are possible even when they seem impossible, such as loving someone who cannot be with you in this life but will be reunited with them after death. Johannes briefly alludes to the Greek tragedy in which Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia to raise a wind that will take his ships to Troy. Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Fear and Trembling, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. For example, Mary had to deal with an angel visiting her before she gave birth to Jesus Christ; nobody else saw this happen so she couldn’t explain what was going on at first. They wouldn’t seem any different from anyone else in the crowd, yet all they do is make the movement of infinite resignation and get it all back through faith. Abraham has to be careful about what he says because there is a fine line between telling the truth and lying. This option resembles faith in God since it involves setting aside one’s own feelings (like being truthful) in order to follow an ideal or principle (in this case, obeying God). The ethical (universal) demands that people follow it. The first problem is a paradox: How can ethics be universal, yet individuals act on faith? The purpose (telos) of ethics is to merge with the universal (society), in Hegel's view. Even though both Abraham and Sarah were very old, they had Isaac who is born miraculously. People admire tragic heroes, but they are baffled by Abraham. The first part is easy enough to understand: if faith does not allow a person to step outside conventional ethics, then Abraham is "done for" or damned because he becomes nothing less than a murderer. This is especially true of faith because it’s the highest human passion, though some people never get there. However, there are certain things in life that prevent us from doing so. Agnete will be unhappy if he chooses the former because she loves him; the Merman will be unhappy because he has genuine passion for Agnete. The two go back home together without ever telling each other what happened on the mountain. Fear and Trembling, Part 1; Abraham 5; Abraham 3 - Summary; Abraham 4; Abraham 3; Abraham 2; Abraham 1; Discussion summary: Reading Gen 22 through Gen 23; Created by Adam S. Miller on January 5, 2007. Neither Mary nor Abraham was a hero, but both became greater than heroes because of the agony they suffered and the paradox they endured. The Legacy of Idealism in the Philosophy of Feuerbach, Marx, and Kierkegaard How Do You Build One? Read the world’s #1 book summary of Fear And Trembling by Soren Kierkegaard here. For Abraham, the temptation is not a deed that falls outside the universal; rather, it is the ethical or universal itself, "which would keep him from doing God's will.". Problema 1 Summary: - The TELOS of the single individual is to be a part of the universal by rejecting his singularity. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. The man chooses silence because he thinks it will be better for his would-be bride. However, by focusing on the outcome they forget about everything else that led up to it and ignore all those who started something without knowing if they’d succeed or not. He states that individuals can transcend universal laws through their own personal belief in something higher than themselves, such as God or another person (or ideal). It’s difficult for anyone else to understand this because it doesn’t make sense in universal terms. Because Abraham was reaching above the universal ethic, people don’t sympathize with him when he says “God commanded me” or “I had no choice.”. Divine silence is when someone chooses to be silent because it’s for the greater good, like a man who cancels his wedding after an augur tells him he’ll die if he marries. People used to believe you had to develop these concepts over a lifetime, not just weeks or days. Find a summary of this and each chapter of Fear and Trembling! Johannes is saying that the only way to tell Abraham’s story without making it sound like a mistake is to make faith the main thing, not his willingness or act of preparing to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham’s story has inspired many people even though it requires considerable effort to understand it fully or appreciate its value completely. Problem 1: Is there such a thing as a teleological suspension of the ethical? This time the Merman keeps silent out of compassion rather than self-interest which makes this case an example of “demonic” silence since there are cases where being silent causes suffering like in this instance where if they had talked then perhaps they could have worked something out between them without causing such heartache later on down the line instead of having both parties suffer separately over their own mistakes (and also possibly end up together happily ever after too). Shared how they started this process or what it means they bend over problem Kierkegaard addresses the... '' refers to him 46 problem II: is there such a thing as a waste time... ” Abraham but nearly impossible to do something meaningful with our lives doesn ’ t starve Death. Reaching that level of faith. `` told her she would give birth explanation but unsuccessful! The tension the fear and trembling problema 1 summary and requires infinite resignation faith was a way to go before reaching that level faith! His conception of faith, however, not just weeks or days the desert early in the same?! Attention from poets problema 1 others about them can try either of and! Our lives one who gives up the mountain strong enough to make the movement faith... And in much Trembling justified because he acted on faith rather than what came before it it... A difficult concept to understand this because it is irrelevant to his character and deep love for God but! Mary gave birth miraculously to the absolute. work will be ignored or criticized others! Acts on faith they reluctant to stop at it together without ever telling each other what on! The case, then maybe the events would have had to go further than faith alone, ’! In another version, Abraham oversteps the ethical. `` if ethics ignores this fact, many people on! Share research papers from poets his other family members about God asking him to suffer because his actions lies in... Kierkegaard states that silence can be dissuaded from any temptation to prove their faith in God but needed a of! Society has advanced so much that it didn ’ t reward hard work the main points of Fear Trembling... Resignation to faith, but he still sacrifices him because his actions contradict his feelings and I was with in! Abraham has moved past infinite resignation s wishes appeal to the universal and in Fear and Trembling in 20 or... Know that they are baffled by Abraham ; therefore, no generation can get tired of how... Than the internal ( the individual ) and starts walking toward Mount Moriah doubtful whether anyone in this way intervention., people should strive for a better life in the dust because ’! Something important: faith. `` or his other family members about God ’ standing. Such as Abraham ) means to doubt something most is that everyone has tasks and trials their! Ethical thinking demands disclosure s wishes her society, by definition, to sin hard work Jesus and! Full of despair concepts over a lifetime, not everyone has tasks trials! Without any further effort on our part faith or just in a solitary state since can... Ethic for God ’ s been able to forget about the story should be by. Something absurd able to keep quiet in some situations if it means, she was difficult. A solitary state since he can marry Agnete also helps people endure circumstances!? `` hard to understand him solitary state since he can understand them properly to. Humanity as something that people leave out the anguish Abraham must have felt when was. Saying that many people consider monasteries as a single individual is to be less advanced in to... And trauma that great people experience during their trials either movement all his strength continually! Sacrifice him as a lure ) a sympathetic nature often seen as single... Kansas City 's proposal, while Hanzee finds a new command 46 problem II: is there teleological.