Acorn woodpeckers: Group living and food storage under contrasting ecological conditions. Acorn woodpeckers: helping at the nest, polygynandry and dependence on a variable acorn crop. But when these woodpecker deterrents were put through controlled scientific testing, their ability to get rid of woodpeckers was profoundly disappointing in all but one case 8 Craven, Scott and Drake, David., Woodpecker Ecology & Damage Management G3997-008, University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Wisconsin These birds are not migratory and will stay in their area unless they need to move and find food. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Acorn woodpeckers store thousands of acorns, each in its own little niche carved into the surface of the trunk of their “granary” tree. Throughout the year, Acorn Woodpeckers collect acorns and wedge them tightly into holes they’ve made in tree bark. //