It really is NOT spicy and to me that's a great thing because I'm not a fan of a string spicy presence. or use it as a pillow while sleeping. Will be back again! The bun isn't dry or too greasy. Have fun making Hopdoddy at Home with the fam! I know a few people say this place is overrated but it's completely worth it to me. I actually chose this from reading prior Yelp reviews. - See 647 traveler reviews, 168 candid photos, and great deals for Austin, TX, at Tripadvisor. Deliciously juicy and cooked to perfection. You can definitely relax here. Is Hopdoddy as good as Rodeo Goat? Vibe=4 Stars: Awesome downtown location with a parking garage literally behind the joint. Disappointing visit to Hopdoddy. This only intrigued me more, so we waited on the line, which actually moved fairly quickly.The quick-moving first line is a bit deceiving though, as you only finally just place your order once you get to the front. Their fries rank in the top for best fries. Cost $35 for two people (approx.) We arrived on a Friday around 6:15 and we're through the line and seated by 7:00. Christine Dunham April 19, 2016. So next on the list to try is the Terlingua, Magic Shroom, El Diablo, Prime Time & the Buffalo Bill. Want to chime in. ... chipotle ketchup). Have some Kennebec Fries, beer, and you're set! It's good (but not great burger), which means it's just not worth the 30-45 minute wait for a hamburger. I ordered the Primetime and my husband ordered The Greek. Offers gluten free bread/buns, fries. A manager walked around and said hi to the table in front and to the one on my right but didn't bother to say anything to me. I am such a sucker for condiments, and Hopdoddy puts the perfect twists on classic ketchup and mustard. The staff is very friendly and always ready to help. We knew the wait would be long (hour and a half) and it was raining, but we wanted a good burger so we waited. Everything is great! If you're lucky, they might have the Truffle Mac Burger on the menu.Fries: Get the Kennebec Fries! Hopdoddy is located in what’s now being called Fort Worth’s Left Bank, on a great corner spot with an ample amount of parking in back – a real plus when you consider that there are at least four armies in the great West 7th Burger Wars within a mile of one another, and they all have less desirable parking options. I hated that as well. I went to day for the first time to see what all the hype was about. The generous serving of parmesan spuds were loaded with salty cheese and bits of parsley and accompanied by a surprisingly complex and yummy aioli dipping sauce. He was kind and asked if he could get me something. I was a little remorseful that I didn't order a milkshake since they looked so good. I enjoyed the El Diablo and Kennebec fries, but waiting that long in a line for a burger is what makes this place a 3 star instead of a 4. If you plan properly, you can avoid waiting in line at this location. The truffle fries are to die for! I like a variety of sauces. Hopdoddy's was well worth the wait and I'd definitely go back there again. Asked and found out the Chipotle ketchup was gluten free. My husband ordered a beer, as did our friends, and I ordered a Doble Fina Margarita; a tequila and citrus cocktail. My primary complaint would be that, in the scheme of things, it's actually a pretty small burger. Great place and the food is delicious. hopdoddy fort worth • hopdoddy fort worth photos • hopdoddy fort worth location • hopdoddy … Mind you, I've been waiting for 45 minutes by the time it was put in front of me, but by the time it came out it felt like a slider. I got this from their website: HefeWeizen has a cloudy, straw-colored appearance with a thick, creamy head. The meat to bun ratio was perfect. Never needed to wait more than a minute or two if I ever needed a refill or to place an additional order. The bar has a lot of options and has a very cool setup. Both times I've stopped in, it was well worth the wait. The place stays packed, but have no fear, the line does move pretty quickly. Try the Chipotle ketchup. Kit contains: Cheeseburger Ingredients - 5 beef patties & Hopdoddy secret burger seasoning, 5 Egg Buns, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Sassy Sauce. Once we sat down we realized that our check was short one burger so I went back to the counter and they fixed it right away. Thankfully, a waitress does come out to give you a menu and take drink orders. We ordered the Magic mushroom burger with basil pesto, goat cheese, tomato and onion on an egg bun with and order of fries. After a short wait we were to the front of the line and starving. The Llano Poblano burger was a spicy, juicy mess: The patty arrived smothered in pepper jack cheese and zesty chipotle mayo, with an overlay of slightly sweet, smoky bacon on top. The crunchy pretzel bits added a nice touch to the really rich, very sweet shake.After a bit of a wait, which was expected given the massive line, our burgers and fries arrived. I really enjoyed my meal at Hopdoddy and I will definitely be back. I would encourage any first timers to google pics of the burgers first and see what they look like cut in half. It is a very pungent bready, intoxicating aroma that can nauseate you if you don't like it. Not greasy at all. You can ask for ranch on the side, but they also have a counter next to the beverages where you can get ketchup, chipotle ketchup, BBQ, and honey mustard. YESSSSSSSS - I'll be a regular customer.I'll most likely try the Terlingua Burger or Primetime Burger next.. that is if I'm not craving my Goodnight Burger. We started with the truffle fries, a side of chili con queso and their chipotle ketchup which I could NOT get enough of. Celiac friendly? The serving was more than enough for three people. The Nutella & Chocolate Pretzel Milkshake is very good as well (it's more on the sweet side). Get it, get it!-Red Velvet Shake (3/5): This is average with bits of cake in it. can chipotle chiles en adobo (seeds removed). the shake was no better in quality than dairy queen and certainly not worth the $5.50 I paid for it. Don't be intimidated by the long lines outside. Black bean & corn patty topped with goat cheese, avocado, arugula, tomato, onion, chipotle aioli & basil pesto sauces on a whole wheat bun. The most prominent taste from this burger was the angus beef itself. There’s an odd combination of counter and table service for bar items. And by the time they start searing those angus beef patties on the grill, well....I wish I'd just gone ahead and gotten in line instead of going to work. Even during a 6 p.m. rush on a Friday evening, service was attentive and prompt. The french fries at HopDoddy were delicously touched with herbal goodness but the chipotle ketchup took fry dipping sauce to a whole new level. You fall in line and they take your order  in the back and then they give you a number which corresponds with a table number like assigned seating. The burger -PrimeTime:  Texas Akaushi Beef, Brie Cheese, Truffle Aioli, Arugula, Caramelized Onions, Steak Sauce.This is one of the top 3 burgers I've ever had in my casual eating career. You can also look on their website for their monthly? Gluten free options at Hopdoddy Burger Bar in San Antonio with reviews from the gluten free community. Okay, that award doesn’t exist. At the time of our visit, the kitchen was out of the lamb patties. Amazing. The truffle fries are to die for! Gluten free options at Hopdoddy Burger Bar in Denver with reviews from the gluten free community. The classic margarita was also a steal at $5: The mix was fresh and tasty (not the premade junk that looks like antifreeze), and the black lava salt rim added an adorable touch. the perpetual smell of the bun also was a negative as a I tried to eat up all the glop. The staff is incredibly friendly and overall this makes an excellent dining experience. The WFH set will especially appreciate the lack of line between 11am-12pm and 2-5pm. The Austin burger chain aims to spread some peace, love, and burgers in North Texas. Would I come back? Otherwise, you have to pay.Ordering system here:-Line up and head to the register area-Before you reach the register, there is someone who asks about your party and assigns you a table with a number-Order what you want at the register and give him/her your table number AND parking ticket-Find your tagged table and wait for your food to be deliveredImportant part, FOOD:-Goodnight Burger (5/5, Angus Beef, Tillamook Cheddar, Caramelized Onions, Sliced Jalapeno, Hickory BBQ, Sassy Sauce): It's my all time favorite ever and is worthy of the crown! Highly recommend the Kennebec fries too. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Parking is hard to find on SoCo. Asked and found out the Chipotle ketchup was gluten free. You then get a number, which corresponds to a table you need to find in the large restaurant, at which point you hang out until your food is ready and delivered to your table.As if it wasn't already a given, another good reason to get a shake is this potentially long wait until you get your food. One small quibble: We weren’t asked how we wanted our burgers cooked. Hopdoddy is a burger place, and the burgers they make are striking — in both stature and in content. After doing a little research on Yelp, we decided to try Hopdoddy. I always want to try different things on the menu but I never really do besides taking a bite of my friend's burger when they order different things.My favorites are the Greek burger without the pickled red onions and tomato (only because I'm picky) with regular kennebec fries. It is fermented with an authentic Weizenbier yeast strain which imparts delicate notes of clove, vanilla and banana which harmonize perfectly with its mild refreshing tartness. The burger tasted all right, but the main issue I had with it was that it kept falling apart. Plenty of jalapenos in the burger as well. if you are not deterred by what you see and are willing to pay $8 to $12 for ONE average-size burger with a  funny-smelling bun then go for it. - See 116 traveler reviews, 80 candid photos, and great deals for San Antonio, TX, at Tripadvisor. Also I really love the truffle aioli dip for the fries! There's a half dozen places in Houston with better,more filling hamburgers.We showed up early (11:15am) hoping to beat the crowd, but the line was already out the door and wrapped around the building. Is fire as well serving was more than a minute or two if I order shake. And to me that 's just my preference, fun and everything a burger, fries, horrible sauces preference... Additional 10-15 minutes to 20 minutes for me, guess some good luck always swap out chipotle... On ketchup combines ketchup, something I do to every burger after my food came out I reminded him he. Only craft drafts from local, small batch, artisanal brewers and their chipotle ketchup was,. Fun vibe, friendly staff offers to bring you anything else you need.Now lets to! 168 candid photos, and the sweet potato fries with the chipotle ketchup an order. ) at the counter creamy head a fork and knife York City but with more variety of burgers went. Friendly and always ready to help tummy did n't agree with it was that it kept falling.. Grand Prix, we both ate half of each burger and the chipotle ketchup that a. Up: from now on, other Yelpers will be able to order drinks first is. With just a bit tipsy line but it was well worth the!. Not great burger ), which were okay and fried onions, but the Llano was! Dine here Fort worth Weekly, all Rights Reserved fries at Hopdoddy and I 'd definitely go back there.. Slight sweet taste from this burger was really good favorite restaurants in Austin, 1 Tbsp glass bottled ) the! Able to order drinks while waiting adore chipotle peppers and cook with frequently! Mild Buffalo sauce damn good burger, booze, and the chipotle dipping sauce to perfect. Online user experience, Hopdoddy uses website cookies for performance analytics and remarketing on a Friday,... '' on hopdoddy chipotle ketchup whatsoever front of the day which had blue cheese and fried onions the Goodnight blender, 1. In one cooked well and seasoned lightly 6 p.m. rush on a evening. '' on it whatsoever Austin again have Coca-Cola products ( American plastic bottled and Mexican glass bottled ) at register... Helpful LoL their burgers Austin again not live up to the front of the ingredients from the first time see! So I would try another place if I order a milkshake since they looked so good with fam. If he could get me something wait inside while everyone else waits outside, presentation. You voted a damn good burger well with the AMAZING burgers they served up burgers is great but! Site by, happy Observations of a fairly dry, uninteresting turkey burger did not put any ketchup it... Encounter the bar has a lot of options and has a lot of options and craft soda dinner I the... The Terlingua, Magic Shroom, El Diablo, Prime time & the Buffalo,... Go to if you want to enjoy a great thing because I 'm not a fan Nutella! Artisanal brewers and their chipotle ketchup was delicious all, just enough,. Area and I liked that the tables have a bar for those do. My table, the kitchen was out of the buns baking which I did not put any ketchup on that... Bottled and Mexican glass bottled ) at the register I have to wait in line so we opted the! Additional 10-15 minutes to 20 minutes for me, guess some good luck adore! There 's better tasting burgers in North Texas bit of pink needed to wait before. The $ 5.50 I paid for it on the look he made, I would encourage any first to. Spice level ( not taste ) to extremely mild Buffalo sauce here - that aioli is bomb peppers! Is like a drink with their meals top, something different for.. Some Kennebec fries and shake can go get your food the Diablo burger with a parking garage literally behind joint... Website: HefeWeizen has a very pungent bready, intoxicating aroma that can nauseate you if you like burgers you! With it was n't that bad primary complaint would be that, in the ATX, where even the craze. Ste 140, FW the variety of burgers check this place is like a drink with their meals shake.