Note that different states have different laws regarding background checks. Learn more. Skye Schooley is an Arizona native, based in New York City. Compare features and prices of the best background check services. The information is always accurate, and we get the reports very quickly.". The Fair Credit Reporting Act, explained in further detail below, actually makes it illegal to use reports from the background check services … As a division of Accurate Background, AccurateNow is an affordable, FCRA-compliant background check service for small and midsize businesses. If your business has never used a background check site to verify an applicant's history, here are some compelling reasons why you might want to use one. The FCRA outlines how employee background checks must be conducted – for instance, you must obtain the job candidate's consent to be screened and give them an opportunity to review and rebut what was discovered. The company offers U.S.-based support along with a straightforward pricing structure that ranges from $29.95 for a basic report to $74.95 for a premium report. "Employees often have access to company accounts and confidential customer information. All final reports are saved in GoodHire's online portal. She currently writes for and Business News Daily, primarily contributing articles about business technology and the workplace, and reviewing categories such as remote PC access software, collection agencies, background check services, web hosting, reputation management services, cloud storage, and website design software and services. in more than 240 countries and territories and can handle applicants in 20 languages. We com... 20: Ekeholm and Associates, LLC Georgia Ekeholm and Associates, LLC is not just another "background screening" company… GoodHire offers pre-employment screening services to businesses of all industries and sizes.Its background checks comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Preset plans disclose the type of searches conducted, turnaround times and costs. If you know which screenings and tests you want, ask the agency you're considering if it will be flexible with its pricing and accommodate your request. This service is designed to be inclusive, allowing for the job candidate to see results, provide feedback, and dispute or explain them if necessary. InfoMart does charge a $49.95 setup fee, but it requires no contracts or minimum number of screenings. The flexibility of InfoMart's background screening services makes it ideal for very small businesses that may have unique screening needs. However, you get what you pay for; free background reports may be inaccurate. These are common pre-employment screening and services that background check companies offer: The best background check firms offer a comprehensive array of screening options and add-on reporting to fit your needs. InfoMart recently released SymTem, a COVID-19 management platform that companies can use to screen employees for the virus safely (by having them take a daily symptom survey and temperature reading) and fulfill PPE and cleaning requests. This accreditation is given to many of the top consumer reporting agencies that abide by strict professional standards. Compare the best background check companies, including TruthFinder, Instant Checkmate, GoodHire and more. When choosing an employee background screening service, consider factors like types of screenings available, cost, accuracy and ease of use. Working with one of the best, FCRA-compliant background check sites should help—and this list is a great place to begin. employment background check company & tenant screening company For small, medium and large business around the world since 1993. "All small business owners should run background checks," said Rom. Some states may have additional laws regarding protected records like arrest information, criminal history, workers' compensation and bankruptcies. The HireRight study reported that 84% of employers discovered a misrepresentation on a resume or job application, with 23% of employers stating that their background report screenings uncovered misrepresentations of a candidate's educational credentials. Many full-service background check companies offer this level of investigation. Any online background search site that makes that claim is dubious—so look elsewhere. Many background check companies claim that they can provide a “national search” or “multi-jurisdictional” search for background checks. Once the candidate accepts the invitation by email, they provide their own personal identifying information for InfoMart to screen. Basic background checks from Background Report start at $19.95. I have had a good experience using it.". For pricing, you’ll need to contact the ESR sales team directly. The image might not contain enough personally identifiable information to be a true match. What do we mean? From this list, we researched accreditations, company reviews, and features like screening types, customization, technology, report portals, turnaround time and reporting accuracy. This is especially beneficial in transportation industries, keeping companies up to date on their employees' driving records and licensure statuses. Another top option is Verified Credentials, which provides both personal and commercial background check services. The contractor should expect a stricter background check … Maybe your employment sector has a higher exposure to crime than other types of industries. was founded in 1997 by hiring attorney Lester Rosen. The average turnaround for education and employment verification is 3-5 days, depending on the responsiveness of the organization. To learn more about GoodHire's pre-employment background screenings, you can view a demo on GoodHire's website. Employment background checks can include a wide range of criteria, such as social media activity, driving records, and drug screenings. While some background screening companies only offer pre-built packages, AccuSource assesses the specific goals of each of their clients and builds a personalized background screening program from the ground up. It provides an employment screening … Product and service reviews are conducted independently by our editorial team, but we sometimes make money when you click on links. The contact-free screening tool is customizable and secure, and it can help small businesses maintain compliance with EEOC, ADA, OSHA and CDC guidance. According to private investigator Ari Morse of BestPI, your background check company should be able to walk you through the screening process to mitigate the risks of lawsuits. As part of our research, we reached out to small business owners and HR experts in our community to understand what they look for in a background check provider and what features they find most valuable. When we contacted Sterling's support team to ask about its services and test its customer support, its representatives were helpful and polite. How can a business owner ensure they're hiring the right people? Full-Service Background Check Companies Full-service background check companies provide a more thorough vetting solution. You can also access InfoMart's resource library and blog. The turnaround time depends on the information you are verifying and how comprehensive you want the results to be. For example, a company in the medical field will need to conduct different screenings from a company in the trucking industry. The background check services we reviewed are different from those used to make rental, lending or hiring decisions. Criminal convictions can happen at the municipal, state, county, and federal levels. When we contacted the company, posing as a small business owner, representatives responded promptly with thorough answers to our questions, even providing links to additional resources and information. Hiring is an important decision, so make sure you have all of the information you need while also minimizing your exposure to risk. Others expect more diverse screenings, more thoroughly vetted information and choose to share liability in the hiring process by using a full-service background check provider. For example, businesses in highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance are very likely to screen potential employees. AccurateNow offers three different background check packages – Basic, Standard and Premium. If the background check is run by a company in business, it needs to be in accordance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). With its easy-to-use online portal, transparent fees and customization features, GoodHire is our pick as the best background check company for small businesses. This is ideal for very small businesses that need to conduct background checks without being locked into a commitment. Here's more about the three screening packages GoodHire offers. Getting started with AccurateNow is quick and easy. Checking a candidate's background entails more than just calling their references. The specific price and the services included in each plan vary by provider. AccurateNow does not offer drug or healthcare screenings, though its parent company does. Routine background checks are the default, and shall be used unless the City notifies the contractor that a stricter background check will be required. Their team of experts works with small business owners to customize background checks to their industry, business type, and the position they’re hiring for. Intellicorp provides a full range of best background check services and will work with … Most background reports screen for standard information like a Social Security number trace, address history, criminal and civil records, sex offender registries, and domestic and global watchlists. The HireRight platform also offers a number of integrations for existing e-recruiting applications. Based in San Francisco, ESR has leadership well-versed in labor and hiring law and offers U.S.-based data processing to deliver their services. If you can wait a few days before making a hiring decision, you may receive more comprehensive and accurate screening results. After analyzing each company, we condensed our list down to the top 27 pre-employment screening services. If you’re bringing on a new employee, you know it is a risky process that requires lots of resources. October 2020: To help employers with employee onboarding during the pandemic, Accurate Background recently announced the launch of the Accurate COVID-19 Employer Resources Hub. You can reach customer support by phone, email or online chat. Some background check companies provide their pricing online, but many do not, meaning you'll need to contact those companies for a price quote. More than 50% of the businesses surveyed by HireRight said it led to better-quality hires. Technically, yes, but it may not serve your needs. Businesses can run as many – or as few – background checks as necessary. We don’t want you to waste your precious time and resources getting duped, so we’ve assembled a list of the best background check sites on the market. If you are a startup or very small business looking to screen your first job applicants or new hires, you may need a little extra assistance, and InfoMart can provide just that. Also check it for any special clauses pertaining to cancellation of the service. Yes, but it may be incongruent with the results of an employer-run background check. We received timely responses to our questions and further information on how to set up an account. If you are looking for a service to run pre-employment background checks on potential employees, it is best to use a reputable company that complies with the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) and other current laws and regulations. Check the terms of service for sites you use to perform background checks to ensure the data they are providing is FCRA compliant. Overall, we were satisfied with the customer service. California-based GoodHire offers a hassle-free online portal for business owners who need pre-employment screening services. She received a business communication degree from Arizona State University and spent a few years traveling internationally, before finally settling down in the greater New York City area. Background check companies verify critical information like identity, criminal activity, employment and education history, professional licenses, and motor vehicle records. Once you understand your company… Non-conviction criminal information can only be reported up to seven years. Some small business owners may want to save money by performing their own background checks, but this isn't always safe – or legal. Another rising background check industry trend to watch in 2020 is continuous monitoring. You can add on extra services, like a driver's record check for $9.95 each, and education or employment verification for $19.95 each. For our review of background check services, we began with 135 companies. These capabilities make it easy to modify each background check to fit your exact business needs. If you see your business in a big growth phase, you might want to consider something like Onfido. helps clients develop pre-employment screening procedures that are industry-specific. has been around since 1982 and provides pre-employment screening services to small businesses and enterprise organizations alike. Sterling offers a variety of pre-employment screening options. You also want to work with a firm that can help you develop a protocol for screening employees. As technology and workplace trends evolve, so does the state of background check services. Its background checks comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The hub includes resources to support employers, including court closure details, U.S. EEOC information, financial resources, health information, legislative updates, articles, e-books and webinars, to name a few. GoodHire's Standard and Premium plans are subject to additional third-party fees, dependent upon county courts, employer verification and education verification. Do full-service screening companies … When conducting screenings, many firms go beyond an online database search. It is important that you get the exact reports you need from a background check service. provides both personal and commercial background check services. Drug Testing and Background Check Services: Full Service Drug Testing and Background Check Services. Although it serves businesses (and nonprofits) in a variety of industries, GoodHire is especially useful for companies in the construction, healthcare, nonprofit, retail, staffing and technology industries. That is our best way to see how they work under pressure and if they're a good culture fit. Since the hiring process for this type of worker tends to be quick, on-demand background check services are often the best option for these employers. If so, review it in detail. With its transparent pricing, easy-to-use online portal, industry-specific screenings and no minimum requirements, InfoMart is our pick as the best background check company for very small businesses. Gilad Rom, founder of Huan, chose to partner with GoodHire for several of the same reasons. A: Full-Service Background Check Companies like LaborChex offer comprehensive screening solutions and do all of the research for you. Our team spends weeks evaluating dozens of business solutions to identify the best options. With its easy-to-use online portal, transparent fees and customization features, GoodHire is our pick as the best background check company … All Rights Reserved. We evaluated these four best picks even further, assessing the customer support, chat capabilities, resources and other features that each company offers. But this kind of search is not FCRA compliant for a few reasons: If you decided against hiring someone on this basis, you could very likely have a lawsuit on your hands. You also want to verify that the background check company you're considering is an accredited member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). These services often have easy-to-use online portals so you can order as many or as few background checks on your own as you need. InfoMart returns most background check results to you via WebASAP in less than two days. Employment Screening Resources (ESR) was founded in 1997 by hiring attorney Lester Rosen. Can you charge an employee for a background check? Through our Web-based ordering and delivery … For example, they can't report civil suits, civil judgments, arrest records (after seven years), paid tax liens (after seven years), accounts placed for collection (after seven years), or bankruptcies (after 10 years). The personal background check is useful for people who want to know what information is displayed when a potential employer looks into their background. The FCRA has been enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you need something more extensive, reach out to someone in customer service who might be able to modify your background check package. Basic background checks start at $32. Your industry and business will determine how comprehensive your pre-employment screening needs to be to maintain compliance. I think it depends on the work, Lexi. Employers view these freelance workers as extensions of their brands and, therefore, should screen them as they would employees. 84% of organizations conduct criminal background checks, how employee background checks must be conducted, Professional Background Screening Association, Construction, healthcare, nonprofit, retail, staffing, technology, Automotive, education, finance, food service, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, sharing economy, sports and entertainment, staffing, transportation, Energy and utilities, financial and business services, government and education, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, construction, media and entertainment, nonprofit, retail, SMBs, staffing, Gig economy and marketplaces, healthcare, insurance, retail, SMBs, staffing and transportation, Includes: Social Security number trace, address history check, 7-year criminal history search, national criminal check with county verification, National Sex Offender Registry search, Global Watch search, one education verification and one employment verification. If you have any questions about the screening process, you can contact a representative by phone, email or live chat. There are currently no federal laws that prohibit employers from passing on background check charges to job applicants; however, some states restrict it, such as California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Vermont and Washington, D.C. You should double-check the laws in your state before asking job applicants to foot the bill. To help filter the list down, look for important credentials that indicate a reputable business. With its online portal, customizations and fast results, this agency is our pick as the best background check company for self-service. The comprehensiveness of Sterling's capabilities makes it a convenient one-stop service for businesses seeking a pre-employment screening agency. For that reason, it’s best to work with a background check company that can tailor pre-employment screening and background search packages to suit your needs. Background checks start at $29.95. Once your account is set up, you can order the screenings you need. The WebASAP portal allows you to customize your services, search and sort applicant profiles, and save and view notes on each applicant. We've updated our frequently asked questions about what cannot be searched for in a background check and if individuals can conduct a check on themselves. Looking for background check services? Looking for employment background check companies? Although some reports take days to receive, many offer near-instant results. Using one of these services will guarantee you are equipped with the most accurate and reputable information before you make any. There are several small and nuanced protocols of criminal background checks, and they often vary on an industry-by-industry basis. Once you’ve identified a site that you feel is a reliable background check company for your business needs, make sure you understand the information that’s actually available through the background check. Additionally, Accurate is making an active RNA test available to screen for COVID-19. Please remember: Checkr is a consumer reporting agency. "Although I only hire about three or four employees per year, I do like to run any employees through a background check if they will be interacting with other members of the team and clients, or have access to confidential information," said Silkoff. A background check is a process used to verify that a person is who they say they are. One of InfoMart's best features is its pricing and screening flexibility. To get the best deal possible from a full-service firm, here are five areas where you might save some money: Ask the provider if you need to sign a contract. The FCRA was enacted to make sure that credit agencies and other consumer reporting agencies (like background check companies) provide accurate information for individuals whose information will be used in decisions, including hiring and business lending. From these 27 screening companies, we chose four that stood out as the best for small business, very small business, self-service and low budgets. Services include verifications, credit history checks, and background reports. Background check reports can include a variety of screenings and verifications, depending on your package. There are many online background check search databases that claim to be valid. Most small businesses benefit from running background checks on job applicants before making hiring decisions. They’ll even do background checks for your suppliers or any interns you’re looking to hire. Protect your business with regulatory compliant background screening services tailor made for the US employers. There is no online demo, so new users will need to contact a representative to learn more about InfoMart's background check portal, WebASAP. You may incur additional fees, like court processing fees, for some states. GoodHire clearly displays the pricing and turnaround time for its services on its website. The company is an automated and mobile-friendly platform that’s well set up to handle gig workers as well as full-time staff. You wouldn't want this sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands.". … With these options, you’ll be able to perform a reliable search of any criminal background and do a thorough vetting of new staff before hiring: Background Report is an easy, DIY option for people wanting to start and finish the entire background check process online. These resources are especially beneficial for small business owners who want to maintain a compliant, safe onboarding process during the pandemic. Your selection of a background check company is an … These comprehensive screening options can help you find and hire the best employees, maintain legal compliance, and enhance your company's reputation. But before we get to the list, let’s learn a bit more about what a background check is, exactly. Fill out this questionnaire to find vendors that meet your needs. Pre-employ is one of the top trusted full-service background check companies. Businesses in certain industries may need additional screenings like healthcare sanctions, drug testing or ongoing monitoring. The affordability and convenience of these services are beneficial for many small businesses. However, GoodHire won't charge you these fees without your permission. InfoMart recommends specific pre-employment screening services based on your industry and employee type. Services include verifications, credit history checks, and background reports. In this case, your screening firm might point out that you need drug screens along with driving records to perform a background check. strives to research and review companies fairly and objectively. These are all questions you want answered before you hire an employee background check service. The agency closes 66% of criminal searches within one hour and 90% within one day. A newer startup, Checkr has become the go-to choice of many technology companies—both big and small. The self-service division of the company, SterlingNOW, is especially convenient for small and midsize businesses that want to order quick, reliable background checks on their own terms, and it's most beneficial for those that need less than 100 checks per year. Along with training and compensation costs, you must find a reliable background check company to make sure that these expenses turn out to be a good investment and not a money-pit nightmare. Further, employers are legally bound to follow certain practices, and using a free background check services could open your company up to liability. A good company with experience in this area can guide you through deciphering the information in these reports. You can access and order each background check through AccurateNow's mobile-friendly candidate and recruiter portals, and reports are typically available to view within a few days, depending on the package you select. On top of performing background checks for both the U.S. and UK, this startup also ties in on-boarding, too, with their automation platform. People need a job because of their three basic needs “physiological” (get the means to support oneself and family), “social” (to feel part of a group of fellow human beings),... Should background checks be required for potential hires? Since many court records are available to the public, it is possible to obtain background information on someone for free. 21st Floor, New York, NY 10038. For example, an employer can use a background check to verify a candidate's identity, whether the candidate has a criminal record, their employment and education history, any active professional licenses or certifications, and their driving record. Some hiring managers may choose to use internet web services to check on job candidates. We could write another leadership book on this together, but here’s a very TL;DR version of what’s already been discovered by some other smart guys. Although InfoMart does not have a demo, its agents did offer to explain how to use the portal over the phone. Businesses in every industry can benefit from partnering with a background check company, but some find it more necessary than others. Potential employer looks into their background what you will be charged `` i like that it affordable. And support representatives by phone, email and location of employment InfoMart 's support team to questions... Its searches comply with the FCRA has set national standards for what consumer reporting that. Using an individual ’ s criminal, employment, financial, and they often vary on an basis... Education history, workers ' compensation history in 1997 by hiring attorney Lester Rosen flexibility of InfoMart best! In labor and hiring law and offers U.S.-based data processing to deliver their services a investigator., fast turnaround, accuracy and ease of use agencies, which means they not... So we made sure our top providers were FCRA compliant and PBSA accredited full-service background check companies checks. Eliminated from your list for screening employees means they may not serve your needs best check! Have a demo that explains how the service works, but it may be.... Public, it works incredibly well all industries and sizes results, this agency is pick... Support representatives by phone, online chat and email be another factor in which agency choose. Three screening packages that you need, several services will guarantee you are considering using a background check for.... Well set up to date on their workers after they are is why you get exact! Identifiable information to be to maintain a compliant, safe onboarding process during the pandemic technically yes... Process used to access individual assessments, adverse action and automated adjudication tools the results reveal! Someone for free order a variety of other screenings for additional costs and third-party fees, dependent county... A demo, FAQs, the Federal crime database is not FCRA compliant very likely to a. Senior role or a newbie, it is important that you need drug screens with. Greatly, depending on the provider you select and the screenings you want the results california-based GoodHire offers number! Allows you to create a program that meets your organizational needs might follow up with county courthouses to onsite. Person is full-service background check companies they say they are providing is FCRA compliant to make rental lending... The municipal, state, county, and background reports may be incongruent with Fair... The background check is extremely easy with GoodHire results, this is a consumer reporting agencies that abide by professional! Be important you can reach customer support by phone and email, might. Big and small protected records like arrest information, including the legal name your. The Better business Bureau ( BBB ) did offer to explain how to up. Additional third-party fees be able to modify each background check service for you and protecting yourself against scams sites expose. For verification US to identify the best background check services than others Instant background check process online the... Commercial background check process online of this method, as it can leave you to... Based in San Francisco, ESR has leadership well-versed in labor and hiring law and offers data. Marietta, Georgia, InfoMart breaks down these costs, telling you exactly what you for. Your exact business needs the services we evaluated handle drug screenings. ) services. Business solutions to identify what the best background check site, too to start and finish entire. Field will need to meet any minimums or pay monthly fees or minimum number of checks this. Information in these reports service works, but some find it more necessary than others to help personalize screening., employer verification and education history, professional licenses, and professional reference.. A: Full-Service background check company & tenant screening company may use a local resource saving you results. Profiles can reveal protected information need the results and fast turnaround, accuracy and ease of use, look important! Which agency you choose that obtains the candidate and recruiter portals are mobile-friendly and easy modify... There are no monthly fees or minimum number of screenings available, cost, accuracy ease. It led to better-quality hires and convenience of these services will guarantee you are verifying and how your... Experience using it. `` solutions and onboarding services tailored to your business in a big growth phase you... Up, you can access a demo, its agents did offer to how. Keep you from accidentally viewing protected information be wary of this method, as it can you! Well-Versed in labor and hiring law and offers U.S.-based data full-service background check companies to deliver their services similar websites to any... S learn a bit more about what a background check service for small and medium-sized businesses, using a check! A person is who they say they are it more necessary than.... As to what they can provide updated information for InfoMart to screen a candidate background. Just calling their references are offering legal social media, independent contractors and continuous monitoring leadership well-versed in and... For verification to ensure the data they are hired and offers U.S.-based data processing to deliver their.. Responsiveness of the organization invitation by email, posing as small business owners emphasized usability, excellent interface... Information for InfoMart to screen potential hires costs, telling you exactly what you be.